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Are you looking for ways of spicing up your relationship? Probably you have heard of various ways of doing it. However, the best way to flirt with your man is to flirt with your partner through texts. Below are 20 best examples of flirting with a guy over text. 

According to Hall et al. (2010), flirting shows a romantic or physical attraction to another person. Flirting is an effective way of building intimacy between you and your partner. Flirting with him makes him have thoughts and desires for you. When you become desirable to your man, your love relationship blooms. He will always feel excited to meet you and wish it could be quite often. Flirting is a form of the subtle art, and it's not easy to master it. Below are some best ways of going about flirting with your man.

Build Mystery

One way of flirting with your man is building mystery. It is ideal for making him think you are busy doing fun things. The best example is when he texts you are asking about your plans for the weekend. You might reply by saying you have a Saturday night salsa or tasting wine with your friends. To add some sense of mystery, tell him that you will inform him on Sunday or you are super busy. 

Tease Him

The main goal of flirting with your man is to challenge him. It would be best to give him something that he has to respond to. Come up with something that he enjoys, tease him, or make comments to keep him going. 

Let Him Chase You

The best part of chasing occurs when you play the game of catching me if you can. However, this game needs to be played skillfully. Even if men love the chasing thrill, don't be too hard to get, or he might lose interest. Therefore, reply to his texts if you want and at the right interval.

Make Use of Nicknames When Texting

Using a nickname is among the best ways of subtly flirting with your man on text since it brings a sense of intimacy and brings the two of you close. Texting using his nickname gives him a feeling of being loved, and he will reciprocate so quickly. 

Animated GIFs and Use Of Emojis

Text him using emojis, stickers, and animated gifs to flirt with him. Use a winking eye, smiley face, or devil emoji, which is the best way to express yourself to your guy while flirting.

Be Naughty

If you have not seen each other for some days, you may crack some jokes or try being naughty to brighten the day. Flirt with naughty texts such as “I am thinking of our lips meeting up”. This is a great way of lighting up his imagination and making you more desirable. 

Send Him Good Night Texts

Sending him flirty good-night texts may melt his heart. He will not stop thinking of you.

Send Selfies

According to Tiidenberg, K. (2018), selfies involve taking pictures of yourself. It may be playful and seductive to send him flirtatious selfies since men tend to be visual beings. Send him more selfies to increase his desire to be with you. 

Ask Questions

Start your conversation with funny, sexy, and flirty questions to get your man's attention. If the few questions you have sent don't warm him up, try making it look like a joke. 

Pique His Curiosity

You may act like you have information that he is supposed to know. He will be surprised and text you back to know what you are talking about.

Try and Be Extraordinary

Your guy won't pay attention to you when you keep texting him “hey/hello.” Show your uniqueness for flirting. Being monotonous is boring. The best thing to do is send him texts at different day intervals and let him keep guessing. 

Send Flirting Compliments

According to Gao, Z. et al. (2017), compliments play a vital role in developing and maintaining interpersonal relationships. Everyone likes to hear positive things about themselves. Therefore, while sending a flirty text, include a flirty compliment. Compliments such as ''stop looking that hot in the pics that you post'' raise his pulse and make him think of you. 

Tell a Story

You may text your man, telling him the best day of your life. Talk about an adventure like skydiving and funny incidences while hiking. 

Play the Truth or Dare Game

This is the best form of fun texting play that will get him pumped up. Truth or dare will give you more reasons to bomb your guy with questions that will make you know him better. An example of such text is asking him about his wildest fantasy or the last time he hugged someone. 

Use Humor

It's good to keep the flirting messages fun and light. The best flirting text to a guy contains a light and subtle humor. It asks him to stop making you think of him since you are busy.

Flirt Using Facts

Men like mystery, and it's good to share some little odd facts with him to increase his interest. Additionally, it is the best flirting topic to come up with on the next date, especially if it's something he is interested in. 

Keep It Short

Always keep your text simple and short while flirting with your man. Avoid very long messages. A short text is easier to read and encourages friendly banter from him, making the conversation smooth. 

Stay Positive

Maintain a positive attitude by avoiding a discussion of intense or serious things. You may discuss any random gossip but avoid any triggering topic that may lead to unpleasant conversation.

Talk of His Interests

Learn and show genuine interest in his hobbies and the passion he enjoys during his free time. If you show interest in his hobbies, he will be very happy to spend more time with you.

Reply Slowly

Don't be quick to respond to each message he sends within seconds unless your relationship is strong. Avoid revealing that you are eagerly waiting for his chats. However, don't make him think you are playing mind games.

The Bottom Line

There are so many techniques of sending flirting messages to keep your relationship strong. Learning flirting ways helps in creating the bond faster. The main key is expressing your interest as you keep some mystery, and you want him to see your confidence and not arrogance. Use the above flirting tips to master and make your partner desire you more. 


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