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People who understand how to use sex toys to fulfill their sexual desires can confirm that anything around the house can be a sex toy. However, they have to use these simple items correctly to achieve their desired pleasure. That is why we have sampled 29 bizarre life hacks with sex toys.

How well can you improvise your sex toys? If you live alone or with your partner, you can probably use your sex devices for many things around the house. From using your dildos as a towel and toilet paper holder to using your vaginal masturbator as a pen holder, there are various ways to use your sex toys to keep your space clean. Therefore, have you ever wondered about the results of using your sex toys to solve your around-the-house problems? Well, let us dig deeper to it by exploring 29 bizarre life hacks with sex toys.

Suction Dildo Spice Rack

Having such a rack will make your friends jealous of you on how beautiful and distinctive your kitchen may look. The rack is playful, cute, and customizable.

Fluffy Tail Butt Plug Duster

The plug duster will help you get into those hard-to-reach places. Dusting will never be the same with this playful yet friendly fluffy-tailed butt plug.

Vibrating Toothbrush

Sometimes the electric toothbrushes may be tiresome and boring. Well, you can still make your own that will suit you. All you need is a regular toothbrush, some scotch tape, and a vibrator.  It will make your man scream with sexual pleasure and become addicted to you.

Dildo Hair Curlers

The secret of giving your man back-aching, screaming orgasm, and toe-curling is through this amazing hair curler. Your friends will keep borrowing this incredible hair curler for their pleasure as well. This will make your man get addicted to you.

Double-Ended Dildo Shoe Stretcher

Have you ever been worried about how to keep your shoes in place? Well, worry no more. With this amazing stretcher, you will have your shoes in good shape. It is most advantageous as it is pocket-friendly compared to buying an actual shoe stretcher.

Fake Vagina iPhone Charging Dock

Sipping your iPhone into this vagina charging will make colleagues in your workplace admire your creativity. They will all feel like your desk is practically jazzed up. It is the easiest to do. Thank me later.

Suction Dildo Throwing Knives

This is a safe and more flexible way of throwing knives. Without the suction dildo, throwing knives may be dangerous as they may stab your partner in the face since they are sharp.

Anal Bead Reusable Ice Cubes

Ever wondered if keeping your drink cool? Instead of buying ice or making your own, here is a cheaper alternative. All you need to do is reuse your old steel anal beads and freeze them. Isn't that cheaper?

Giant Dildo Plant Stake (With Restraints as Ties)

Using a giant dildo and some wrist restraints is perfect for growing firm and thick plants. We all know that two things are needed when repotting a plant to ensure that its roots set are firmly in the soil.  It would help if you had a stiff upright stake and strong unbreakable ties.

Giant Dildo Cable Storage

Headphone cables, charging cables, power cables, and VGA leads on your desk may cause a mess to your desk when they get tangled invariably. To prevent such a mess, all you need to do is get yourself a giant dildo cable that will keep your cables neatly stored elegantly.

Speculum Transparent for Plants

It is an alternative to opening up holes if you can't afford an expensive and quality transplanter.

Penis Extender Anti-Theft Device

You can prevent your bike from being stolen using this amazing extender in case you cannot afford a bike lock since its expensive

Dildo Stress Reliever

Whenever you feel obsessed with stress, grab a dildo stress reliever and squeeze it as caress it until you are fully relieved.

Lube Launcher Hair Dye Applicator

This applicator helps you get deeper to the base as you dry up your hair.

Masturbating Sleeve Candlestick Holder

You can improvise something that naturally grips your candlestick if you plan to have a romantic candlelight dinner.

Rubber Hand-Arm Extender

This rubber hand-arm extender is effective when you need to change a lightbulb since standing on a rickety chair may be risky.

Anal Beads & Suction Cup Dildo Wind Chime

If you want a beautifully understated and tasteful windchime, then this is the perfect one. All you need is a dildo and three sets of anal beads.

Homemade Dildo Triceratops Mask

A homemade dildo triceratops mask for your little one may be cheap compared with getting a new brand-new costume.

Remote Controlled Vibrator Protein Powder Mixer

Using a remote-controlled vibrator to mix powder is more fun than shaking your protein powder by hand. All you need to do is ensure you have washed it beforehand.

Rubber Fist Oven Mitt Replacement

Using this rubber fist is the best way of preventing and protecting your hands when taking hot dishes out of the oven. It is the safest and cheap way.

Lube Launcher Stain Remover Applicators

Do you need to get rid of the crazy stains after a crazy night? Well, here is a cheaper way to get it out with the Lube launcher. All you need to do is apply the stain remover directly to the affected areas.

Double-Ended Dildo Back Massager

This type of massager helps you relieve the stress and tension you get after a long hard day at work. Just grab your double-ended dildo in both hands and proceed to massage the knots in your neck gently.

Wrist Restraint Luggage Identifier

Help to prevent confusion uniquely in case you have multiple luggage.

A Crappy Anal Bead Abacus

This hack helps you to create a pretty shitty abacus.

Rubber Hand Roach Clip

A simple alternative to get rid of the spliffs remnants

Rubber Fist Back Scratcher

A solution for an itchy that you can scratch

Suction Cup Dildo Roll Holder

Perfect way of adding sensation to your bathroom.

Fake Vagina Dish Towel

Best ways of keeping your dish towels close in an elegant way.

Dildo Door Stop

Keeps your door out of scuffs and scratches.

The Bottom Line

If you anticipate having your man crave making love to you, then the above life hacks with sex toys will be the best options. Most of them are pocket-friendly and require less knowledge.