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5 Hottest Male Erogenous Zones

5 Hottest Male Erogenous Zones

5 Hottest Male Erogenous Zones

By Ksenia Sobchak

All men are very different and, therefore, enjoy stimulation in different erogenous zones. It’s worth bearing in mind, that your man’s hottest zone might not be listed here and it might not even be considered an ‘obviously’ erogenous part of the body. Nevertheless, here are some of the most common hot spots for men.

5. The Nape of The Neck

Blowing, touching, licking or kissing the nape of your lover’s neck can quite literally drive him to distraction. This part of the body is highly sensitive, in both men and women, and so responds to the lightest of touches. In fact, the lighter the better, if you’re trying to arouse your man. When you’re giving your lover a massage, be sure to pay special attention to his neck with gentle stokes of your fingers and feather light kisses.

4. Fingers

When indulging in a good old bit of foreplay, one of the best ways to tease your man is to play with, and suck on, his fingers. Many men claim that having their fingers sucked feels almost as good as having their penises sucked and the male brain certainly seems to make a link between the two.

3. Chest, Abs and Navel

The whole of the torso can be very sensitive to touch. However, you’ll want to avoid the ‘ticklish’ kind of touch around the abdomen, which can be more annoying than arousing. Instead, use a slightly firmer massaging stroke around his chest and abs. If he takes particular pride in his torso (as many men do), be especially sure to lavish this part of his body with affection. When it comes to the navel, you may wish to ask your lover how he feels about you touching him here. Some people have a complete aversion to having their navels touched, so be sure your lover isn’t one of them.

2. Nipples

Just like the navel, it is wise to ask a man before touching, licking or playing with his nipples. Some men simply don’t like having their nipples touched. For those who do, however, they can be an incredibly arousing part of the body. Understandably, they’re a very sensitive part of the body, so it is wise to treat them gently. As your man becomes more aroused, he may appreciate a firmer touch, but be sure to increase the pressure of your fingers or teeth slowly, so as to avoid causing any pain.

1. Glans (Head of the Penis)

I’m sure it will come as no surprise that the glans is the most sensitive and most erogenous part of the male body. In fact, it’s so obvious, that you might think it’s not worth mentioning. However, just because we know that this is the most sexually responsive part of a man, doesn’t mean we know how best to stimulate it. It is always advisable to use slow, light touches of the glans, for two reasons; first, to ensure the man’s comfort; and second, to avoid overexcitement. Because the glans is so sexually sensitive, any stroke, touch or lick can quickly lead to ejaculation.

Believe it or not, your man has many, many more erogenous zones. Do you know where they all are?