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Sex is the most important thing that holds the relationships in modern love. However, there are common myths that threaten relationships. Some of them include; damaged people having kinks, and when someone is jealous, the sex will be hot.

Several things can threaten one's relationship sexually. Most of the time, you may get that you are not compatible with your partner in matters concerning sex. You may like each other, but the sexual chemistry seems missing. The spark you had can, at times, fade away and may have you not getting that chance of rekindling it. According to Shaye (2009), infidelity is likely to ruin one's relationship as it becomes difficult to trust your partner. The difference in the sex drive can also ruin a relationship. the stated reasons are common reasons why relationships can be ruined. However, there are different myths and misconceptions that, when you follow them, can ruin your relationship. some of them are.

Watching Porn Means That Your Partner Lost Interest in You

Sarracino & Scott (2008) stated that porn is common in the modern world. It is something that people in our society are slowly embracing. However, some people in relationships are against it or are insecure about it. Some are insecure and feel that if this happens, their partner no longer has feelings for them, and maybe they are not getting satisfied in the bedroom

Most of the time, people watch porn because it is entertaining. They feel like it is a common movie to them, just that it can at times turn them on. Sometimes it may just be a fantasy they have, and they check it out on the Pornhub. They sometimes want to bring in more sexual activities in their bedroom to spice things up. Do not ruin your relationship based on a myth that makes absolutely no sense.

Masturbating Is Wasting Your Arousal Time

Some people believe that masturbating will make people lose the energy that would have otherwise been used in penetrative sex. They deem it a waste of time. Masturbation is the deliberate self-stimulation for sexual pleasure. According to Leonard (2010), masturbation is harmless and convenient for everybody. Masturbation is always a form of self-love. If your partner has a higher sex drive, you can always try and heat yourself through masturbation. This will make it easy to get horny when both of you are in the mood to get it down. It fires up the sexual fantasies that you always have within you.

According to Aneja et al. (2020), masturbating relieves a lot of tension, especially with a person who has a higher sex drive than you. You should, therefore, not feel guilty when you are masturbating. It also plays a big part for those with low libidos because they get to pleasure themselves without relying on their partner or pressuring them.

Kinks are for the Damaged People

There is always shame associated with the fact that one loves to participate in different kinks and fetishes. Those who have never engaged themselves in BDSM activities always believe that the people in this game are damaged and may have a poor upbringing. They believe that there is a possibility that they are suffering from emotional trauma and are trying to inflict pain on their partners to get through their trauma.

Getting a partner into such beliefs will mess up the relationship because they will shame you if you happen to be a fan of those kinks. It is always okay if you are not into them, but shaming and looking down on people just because of that could ruin a relationship.

Sex Is Hotter When Your Partner Is Jealous 

There is that belief that when someone is jealous, it builds a lot of tension then the tension built can turn into a lot of passion that can be used during make-up sex. This belief can hurt a relationship and break it. Some will now use that opportunity always to create tension and a lot of fights that are not worth it just to have some make-up sex. Some even go overboard by having hard and rough sex. This should never be the case.   You can still have normal and fun sex without inviting chaos and fights into your marriage. Sometimes, this myth covers someone's toxic behavior and makes it look like love, which is not the case.

There Can’t Be Any Friendship Between Men And Women

Many couples become very suspicious when they learn or hear that their significant other has male or female friends. They believe that the two must be having sexual relations for this to happen. In some cases, it can be, but you need to accept that some friendships are just platonic, just for the benefit of the doubt. Some friendships are harmless and have no intentions of being in sexual relations. Most of the time, you will end up being controlling in your relationship and will hurt your relationship because of your controlling ways. 

Women Do Not Know What They Want

Men believe that women are never sure of what they want and that they say they need one thing but do not mean it in reality. This is why men may fail to understand when women as they are not in the mood for sex. They believe that they do not mean it and force themselves on the women without their consent. This thing can break a relationship as the woman's views are not respected in the relationship.


There are so many myths that have been created that can break most relationships when followed. Some of these myths ruin the sex life in our relationships because of the shame and attitudes associated with them. Sex in relationships should be something that can be enjoyed, pleasurable and fun. However,  these myths and misconceptions have been bought, and it has become difficult to keep the relationship intact. Let go of all the insecurities, shame, and guilt in your heart and mind and try to enjoy your sexual life.


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