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Adult Toy Buyer’s Guide To Choosing a Gift for Her

Adult Toy Buyer’s Guide To Choosing a Gift for Her

Adult Toy Buyer’s Guide To Choosing a Gift for Her

By Ekaterina Mironova

It’s your girlfriend’s birthday, and you don’t know what to buy for her. Jewellery? No, you did that last time. Perfume? A quick look on her bedroom dresser shows that she already has half a dozen scents, and you figure she already smells pretty good. Candy? That’s no good either, too lame and just not expensive enough to give the right message. You can’t buy her clothes, because face it, you just don’t know enough about women’s clothing to get the job done right, and although you’d like to buy her some sexy underwear to replace those huge baggy panties she wears all the time, you’re just too embarrassed to go into the lingerie department and buy it. What else is there? “I know!” you exclaim. “I’ll buy her a dildo!”

Best sexy gifts for her

Well, let’s re-think that position. She may want a dildo, and she may even use them regularly, but it’s probably a bit over the top for a first-time sex gift. Let’s save that one for later. However, you can give her some sexy gifts that will delight her, and give you both hours of pleasure.

How do you work up to giving her a sexy gift? If the last gift you bought her was a toaster, chances are you’re not still with her. If you are, bully for you, but now it’s time to move on to some better presents. There are three phases in presenting your lovely lady with special, sexy gifts.

Phase one – Something romantic

The first presents should be intimate but not the over-the-top “let’s have sex right now” type of presents. Think romance. Scents are sexy, and they make her feel sexy, and that’s what you want. But get the real thing. Avoid the cheap drugstore/dollar store perfumes (smell like kerosene), and go down to Myer and plan on spending a nice amount on a good name brand bottle. Something special like theatre tickets, or a special weekend at a five-star hotel also speaks volumes about your intentions, and will get good results.

Phase two - Something sexy

Once you’ve presented her with a few romantic gifts, your gift-giving has shifted to a more personal space. She has come to expect something intimate and romantic, but you’re ready for more. You’re not quite ready for sex toys yet, but you are ready to take it to the next level. Personal, fun board games that end in sex, or some special “edible” lubricant that tastes like strawberries can become part of the scene now. If you’ve enjoyed role-playing games, special “play clothes” can come into the gift-giving picture, and that naughty schoolgirl fantasy of yours may become a reality. However, these should be supplemental gifts. You have set the tone (and her expectations) already with more expensive, romantic gifts, so if all you give her now is a bottle of fruit-scented warming lube; you’re going to be the one who is disappointed. Pair the sexy phase-two gifts with an additional phase-one romantic gift.

Phase three -The hard-core

When you’ve graduated to phase three, anything goes. That dual-purpose vibrator that would have gotten you slapped as a first-time gift will be welcomed now with a smile and a short walk to the bedroom.

Every man wants to give his girlfriend sexy underwear

How do you do it? The girls that work in Victoria’s Secret know that the men who go into their store are either buying it for their girlfriends, or they are cross-dressers. Either way, they don’t care, because they work on commission. Just go in there and pick something out. Don’t be afraid to ask the clerk for help. She is accustomed to giving assistance to male customers, and will probably have some good ideas for you. You won’t be the first.

Pay attention to what your girlfriend usually wears. If she’s a white cotton panty and sports bra type of girl, then she will feel out of place with pink frills and lace. Don’t be afraid to take her underwear to the next level, but at the same time, don’t take it up too many levels at once. Keep your receipt, because the first time you buy her lingerie, chances are you’ll get the size wrong or you’ll buy something she won’t want. And above all, don’t let the underwear be the only gift!