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How to Win the Oscar for Best Girlfriend

How to Win the Oscar for Best Girlfriend

How to Win the Oscar for Best Girlfriend

By Ksenia Sobchak

With the prestigious Oscars recently taking place, it got me thinking; what does it take to be an Oscar winning girlfriend, fiance or wife? It can be so difficult to find the right balance between loving and doting girlfriend and giving him plenty of space to breathe and enjoy time on his own or with his mates.

Take a look below for my top tip and see if you can make a few changes to transform yourself from the supporting actress role to the position of leading lady!

Show him you really care:

This sounds very simple but not enough women really take an interest in how their partner is feeling. A simple ‘how was your day?’ when you snuggle down in front of the TV will earn you major brownie points. Just pick your moment well; don’t jump on him as soon as he comes through the door, and if he doesn’t want to talk then leave it alone. Make him a cuppa and offer to pop on his favourite movie instead.

Be flexible:

Flexibility is a very attractive quality, and I’m not just talking about in the bedroom (wink wink). Sometimes your best laid plans may be scuppered by an important football match, a boy’s night out or simply the tiredness which comes with working hard. If you have planned something to do together and he cancels then don’t get angry. If you can change the plans then do so. Obviously if this is something very important or expensive then you have every right to complain and ask that he change his plans.

Surprise him:

Surprise him with little treats whether that be a small gift, a homemade meal or a special ‘treat’ in the bedroom. A great way to give him a shock is to buy him a sex toy which is specifically made for men. Take a look at the ‘Men’s Toys’ section of the Peaches and Screams website for plenty of inspiration!

Back off when he needs space:

This is so vital to being an amazing girlfriend! Spending too much time together can really put a strain on your relationship so suggest he hangs out with his friends while you spend time with the girls.

Remember, if you are working hard to be an award winning girlfriend you want to make sure that your other half is also trying his hardest to be a fantastic boyfriend, fiancé or husband. If the relationship is very one-sided it can lead to one half of the partnership feeling very resentful of their partner for not putting more effort in. If you are in a similar situation then you need to open the lines of communication and have your say in a calm and relaxed way. Both partners need to feel that their efforts are being appreciated; so work hard to show your other half how much they mean to you on a daily basis.