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Delightful Facts About Kissing

Delightful Facts About Kissing

Delightful Facts About Kissing

By Ksenia Sobchak

Kissing. Most people have their first real kiss between the ages of eight and twelve. But, it is not until we get older, do we learn what a real kiss is, what it means, and the power behind it. Here are some interesting facts about kissing our team found.

Research shows that the preferential act of tipping our heads slightly the right develops while we are inside our mother’s womb.

When you pucker your lips to kiss someone, you are using muscles. The biggest muscle used is the orbicularis oris.

A woman is capable of reaching an orgasm from just kissing. (Try it out!)

The Kama Sutra defined thirty different types of kissing.

There are a hundred times more nerve endings in your lips, than in your fingertips.

Based on a poll, Cosmo states, ‘forty percent of men say that a really long, steamy kiss will get them immediately ready for sex’.

According to body language expert Tony Reiman, ‘if your guy routinely only gives you a quick kiss on the cheek when saying good-bye, it could be that he is guarded and doesn’t emote easily’.

Kissing the easy if very arousing for anyone. The best way to do this for your man is to suck and nibble his earlobe. Add some breathing for an enhanced effect.

A study was conducted at the University at Albany, which showed ‘men initiate an open-mouthed kiss to pass libido-boosting testosterone to their partners’

Women find kissing as having a greater importance in judging a relationship, or deciding whether to have sex. On the flipside, men are twice as likely to have intercourse with a woman regardless of whether or not she is a bad kisser.

There is actually a biological, physical effect caused by kissing. A passionate kiss elevates blood pressure, and causes the rate of your heartbeat to rise. This gets you more aroused, and helps you climax.

According to a Cosmo poll, younger women are more open to experimenting with the same sex. ‘Fifty-four percent of women between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four say they have kissed a woman. With women in the twenty-five to forty-three year age group, that percentage drops to forty-three”.

Kissing can aid in preventive care of wrinkles, because during kissing twenty-nine facial muscles are being used.

According to U.S. Statistics, ‘a woman will kiss an average of eighty women before she gets married’.

A kiss can burn anywhere between two and five calories. This depends on what type of kiss it is (i.e. closed-mouth, French).

As per the rules of kissing, sixty-six percent of individuals will keep his or her eyes closed. Others find that gazing into each others eyes provides a more romantic experience.

I you know any interesting facts about kissing that we missed, feel free to leave a comment. We will add the best ones to our list on this site.