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Fetishes That Could be Your Cup of Tea

Fetishes That Could be Your Cup of Tea

Fetishes That Could be Your Cup of Tea

By Ekaterina Mironova

All long term relationships experience a little stagnation now and again and as advice columns to tell you to have a date night, buy new underwear or inject a little role play, we seem to try everything just to bring that spark back to our sex lives.

Role play is ideal as it allows participants to be completely different people; however there may be fetishes you could introduce that you've not even thought of.

The best thing about being in a long term relationship is the comfort you feel with each other, this should make it easy to introduce new games into the bedroom as you understand half the battle is a sense of humour. These fetishes are sure to give you a good laugh but you may be surprised at how sexy they make you feel too.


We all love the strokes during foreplay as our partner lightly brushes us with their fingers whipping us up into a state of arousal. However for some this is the whole play not just the warm up act. Penetration is completely denied as couples tickle and tease, brushes and strokes, leading to orgasms through both parts as the anticipation increases.


In a long marriage with children you may have grown to abhor balloons as hours spent blowing them up leave your ears popping and your head ringing. However, once the party goers have been tucked safely up in bed for the evening, try using the balloons for your own pleasure.

As many enjoy the feel of rubber or latex during sex, balloons can release the same arousal, rolling around in them naked, or using them to stroke and tease can release desires you never knew you had.


We've all experimented with a little whipped cream, using it on our lover's bodies before licking off letting them enjoy the sensation it creates, however some foodies adore being covered from head to toe in any type of food. Instead of placing a little bit, try protecting the furniture and then smothering from head to toe for your own personal naked foam party pleasure.


There's nothing new about a threesome however many women avoid it because they can't bear to see their man with another woman. If you are considering it, you could add an extra head to the bed without the threat of worrying that your amour will fancy her more. Using a blow up doll (from cheap to very expensive life like dolls) you can experiment and see how you really feel about sharing your lover with another. If jealousy rears its ugly head just take a pin to pop!

I vant to suck your"

Vampires are the in thing at the moment and many fantasize about being taken as a damsel in distress as Edward Cullen sucks their blood from them. Angelina Jolie loved blood play as she would wear Billy Zane's blood on a necklace around her neck. You can explore this safely by bringing back the teenage love bite on the neck making people wonder why you're both wearing scarves in the middle of summer!