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Fifty Men - Women’s Erotica

Fifty Men - Women's Erotica

Fifty Men - Women's Erotica

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Entering the room I see about fifty men, all naked and masked with black, silk sashes that leave space only for their mouths. They are walking around and mumbling to each other but silence falls as they see me. I am wearing only a tiny, black thong that emphasizes the rise of my buttocks and the cleft of my sex. We stand and look at each other, tension and expectation filling the air, no-one knowing who will move first.

I walk to a massage table at the centre of the room and perch my bum cheeks on the edge, my eyes taking them all in. Black and white, short and tall, some slim, some muscular, all attractive and all here for me. I scoot back a little and spread my legs, stretching my body so they can enjoy the shape of my breasts and arch of my back.

A heavy set, thickly muscled man with deep, rich velvety skin stalks towards me. He stands in front of me and inhales my perfume. Placing the palm of his hand on my breastbone he pushes me backwards and I stretch away from him, rising out of my hip joints and trailing my arms behind me. He places both of his hands over my breasts and I feel their warmth encase me as he massages. Squeezing my breasts lightly he pulls me towards him. His mouth finds mine and instantly his tongue starts to probe. He tastes sweet and sexy.

As he moves in closer to the table his thighs press mine apart. He reaches around behind me to grab my cheeks and pulls me towards him. As he kisses me I feel the length of his erection press against my stomach and my pussy starts to juice. He reaches down and massages me through my thong, his thick fingers giving satisfying pressure.

Several other men have approached and one begins to nuzzle my neck, while another pinches a nipple then starts to suck. The larger group begins to close in around us and all I can see are torsos and cocks that begin to spring up around me. Hands on my shoulders pull me backwards until I am lying down on the table amidst the group. My man closes my thighs and drags my thong over them, whipping the knickers past my ankles, then spreads me again so the group can see my glistening pussy. I feel the cold air on my exposed wetness and shiver as my stomach muscles tense with deep arousal.

Warm lips cover me as a tongue quickly darts inside me. Fingers massage my clit as the tongue works away. Some fingers get inside me and find my G-spot and the pressing makes me gasp. Men begin to jostle as a new tongue finds me, to be quickly replaced by another, then another; the different techniques and speeds quickly bring my orgasm close, and as yet another tongue swipes over my slick lips I feel myself shudder. Hot liquid spurts from me as I cry out with my spasms and a warm mouth sucks my clit and lips. Strong fingers fuck me as I squirt again and writhe at their touch.

As I begin to relax I realise that I am expecting a moment to recover, but this is not to be so as I feel the tip of a hot cock press against my opening. Slipping quickly inside me, he starts to pump. Not even sure which man is inside me as I thrash on the abrupt excitement of his cock, I feel his hardness once again stroking that special place inside and giving me that feeling of pressure like I want to push against it and shoot out my liquid. He withdraws and I feel another dick press into me and start to pump. Fatter than the last, the pressure inside sets off a cascade and more water shoots out of me around his penis. Hands are all over my body, rubbing my throbbing clit and breasts, stroking my stomach and holding my legs open as new men begin to enter me every few seconds. I feel a penis push into my mouth and I open for it as a hand slides round the back of my head and to allow him to pump into me.

As someone else pulls out of my pussy, I hear the men muttering. Long past trying to control anything that is happening, I am a ragdoll in their hands as they pick me up and turn me over, placing me on my knees. A man slides underneath me onto the table and lowers me onto his cock, then pulls me forward onto his chest. I feel fingers working around my arse hole and then a slippery finger goes inside, then two, the fingers work in and out of my hole as the cock in my pussy grinds slowly. I feel a body press down onto my back and a cock between my arse cheeks. The pressure on my hole builds up and the tip of the cock pops through into me; now I have two cocks inside me. The man behind me pushes into me slowly until I have taken all of him and I feel very full and tight. The two men begin to thrust together and I cry out, never having been this full before. Two men approach my face and push the ends of their dicks into my mouth and I am gagged. The rhythmic fucking and stroking of all of them is hypnotic and I forget where I am and who I am, just rolling on waves of cock. I feel myself spurt out liquid again and again but now it all seems to blend into one ongoing sensation, riding a wave of orgasm and men's bodies.

I feel the rhythm of the rolling build and I realise that I am about to be filled with more cum than I have ever felt. Men quickly replace each other in my arse as the man below me stays constant and they all build towards orgasm. I can see cocks in hands being quickly wanked as the large group surrounds me and the thrusting becomes very forceful and insistent. Hot cum starts to shoot deep into my pussy and arse, as streams of it hit my skin from all around and sink down my throat. Moments flash and flicker past in seeming strobe as the pumping peaks and then begins to subside.

Wetly, I feel cocks being pulled slowly out of me and the crowd begins to disperse. I lie on the table, exhausted and naked and begin to drift off to sleep.