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Hot Sex Foreplay Using Food, Playful Seduction Tips

Hot Sex Foreplay Using Food, Playful Seduction Tips

Hot Sex Foreplay Using Food, Playful Seduction Tips

By Elena Ognivtseva

The older ones amongst us have fond memories of Kim Basinger in nine and half weeks when the fridge full of food seemed to be enough to turn Mickey Rourke into a quivering wreck of lust.

Over recent years this playing with food has gone slightly out of fashion; however heaven knows why as this is one of the tastiest forms of foreplay. You can even start your foodie foreplay in public, showing your lover just exactly what they’ll be receiving when you get them home.

Bottles of Beer

Bottles of beer are perfect for stimulating what you would love to do to your lover and the best thing is although his eyes will be drawn to your hands, pleasant company won’t notice a thing. Instead of ordering a Bacardi and coke try an alternative that arrives in a long necked bottle. There are so many variations out there that you’ll have no trouble sourcing your favourite tipple in phallic form.

As you talk gently stroke the neck starting with one finger first until his eyes begin following your hand. He will look away from time to time however you will be amused and delighted by how often his gaze returns. Over time increase your touch to two and three light fingers all the while keeping your eyes firmly directed into his. Believe us when you finally bring the bottle to your mouth to “innocently” take a sip of the contents, he’ll be paying the bill and dragging you into a taxi before you’ve finished licking the dribbles from the neck.

Order Foreplay Food

The perfect meals to tempt and tantalize when out on a dinner date include items you can lick, suck or even eat with your fingers. Ice cream cornets are definitely a crowd pleaser as many men describe the perfect blow job as being one where the woman licks and sucks just as if she’s devouring her favourite milky dessert. Oysters are also ideal, known for their aphrodisiac properties this is probably due to the nature of consumption rather than the ingredients. As the oyster is slurped out of the shell straight to the back of the throat it entices images of deep throat fellatio that makes the woman almost gag. It also heightens your senses as it reminds us of the salty surprise that we may be enjoying after the meal is over! Food with dips is another favourite as you can be a licker and sucker rather than a biter. Strawberries dipped in cream will delight as you use the same fruit to dip again, enjoying the cream more than the dessert itself.

On the Body

When you do make it home you can extend dessert by using a myriad of different foods. Make sure you’re still a little bit hungry as you’ll need a good appetite to remove all traces showing you’re devouring them and the food with gusto. Avoid clichés such as chocolate body paint, or flavoured condoms as these don’t do anything for your taste buds, instead use squirty cream, melted luxury chocolate (to body temperature of course), or even just dip his favourite member into your favourite dessert. Ice cream will tantalise his nipples, whereas a mouth full of minty sorbet will lift his pleasure to whole new heights as you use your mouth. Even a mouthful of warm tea when going down on your man can add a wonderful swishing sensation as if having sex in a natural warm blue lagoon.