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Nothing stresses a man like his performance in bed. In addition to life's problems, as a man, you're always faced with the pressure to perform better in bed as it serves as a requirement for a healthy relationship. Learning a few tricks can help you improve your game and give your partner the satisfaction she needs.

Everyone has their sexual pleasure in the bedroom. Men and women alike always strive to make a good impression in bed. However, the pressure has always been on men since they are assumed to be the dominant ones in the bedroom. These days, most men, if not all, are interested in enhancing their skills in bed to give pleasure to their partners and prove a point to themselves. According to Mollaioli et al. (2020), focusing on sexual performance can lead to anxiety and stress, which hinders performance. However, there are certain things you can do to improve your sexual performance and give you the confidence you need; here are some.

Concentrate On Foreplay  

As a man, you should understand that if a woman is not properly aroused, the sex will all be in vain if your goal is to please her. You need to lash out at the cliché about penetration being the most important thing in sex.  Those who suffer from erectile dysfunction have to understand that they don't necessarily need an erection to please their partners. They can turn this disadvantage around and figure out new techniques that suit them. Foreplay includes touching, kissing, and oral sex. According to Kreuter et al. (2011), foreplay makes one relax and enjoy sex. Longer foreplay will improve the sexual experience. Consider nipple play and clitoral stimulation, giving a woman orgasm with no penetrations.  

Be Adventurous 

Sex with the same partner can feel like a routine. Over time sex may become a bore where you or your partner may find it hard to feel excited or please the partner. Consider new positions and techniques to spice things up in the bedroom. You can also consider doing activities non-sexual oriented outside the bedroom to improve your intimate connection. You can also consider talking about sexual fantasies, which will, in turn, make sex more exciting. Keep in mind that pleasure flourishes in an environment of passion and intimate connection.

Deal with Anxiety and Stress  

Anxiety and stress are external factors that make it hard for men to maintain an erection. These feelings, especially the pressure to perform and the stress of not performing, can distract one from sexual intimacy. To deal with anxiety, consider: exercising, getting more sleep, meditating, focusing on hobbies, going to therapy, and focusing more on physical sensations than sexual performance.

The Start-Stop Technique 

This technique will go a long way to help you last longer in better. The trick in this technique is to stop the sexual activity every time you feel like ejaculating. Breathe deeply and start again slowly, then stop to delay ejaculation for as long as you want. This technique will train the body to hold off ejaculation and aid a guy feel comfortable when holding ejaculation even in sexual activities that are too intense. 

Tackle Relationship Issues 

You need to understand that external factors play a big role in the bedroom. Relationship issues, either sex or non-sexual related, can lead to sexual dysfunction. It is better to bring these issues up with your partner and work together towards a solution. Remember that communication should concentrate more on feelings rather than blame to help partners address the relationship challenges. 

Exercise Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of becoming more aware of what you are sensing and feeling at the moment. It is a common form of meditation for beginners, which improves sexual function. Get to know that mindful-based therapies have a positive impact by improving sexual relationships and helping with concentration during sexual activity. Mindfulness helps manage stress and anxiety, thus addressing sexual dysfunction and deterring a man from getting distracted when having sex. 

Quit Drinking and Smoking 

Have you ever heard of a whisky dick? This is a situation where a man can't have a proper erection. Alcohol interferes with a man's ability to feel sexual stimulation. On the other hand, smoking can lead to high blood pressure and other heart-related problems that cause erectile issues. According to Gades et al. (2005), smoking is related to erectile dysfunction. Quitting drinking alcohol and smoking improves a man's sexual function and reduces erectile dysfunction. This way, your performance in bed will be improved generally. 

Try Counseling  

Ever considered that your problem might be psychologically related? These factors may include anxiety, depression, stigma, and post-trauma. Individual counseling helps a man tackle these and other sexual pleasure and satisfaction factors. Relationship counseling also helps tackle relationship issues since it is an open space where partners speak freely of their sexuality. However, counseling can only help cope with the stress involved in an underlying health issue.

See a Doctor 

You can choose to go with the medical side and involve drugs to help you last longer in bed, including the popular Viagra and Cialis. This is the quickest treatment option for some men. But these drugs may not be that important if a man with erectile dysfunction is willing to change his lifestyle and actively gets involved in therapy. However, the drugs have just proved to be working fine with libido and helping them maintain erections. Some men opt for these, but it is better to get prescriptions from a doctor.

Manage Chronic Health Conditions 

Some issues are not just psychologically or externally related. Issues such as erectile dysfunction can be early signs of an underlying health condition. According to Lue et al. (2004), erectile dysfunction is the inability to maintain or achieve an erection. It is important to see a doctor when you experience body symptoms out of the norm. Consider staying healthy; have a balanced diet, exercise, and manage stress. Chronic health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease should be treated to improve general health and thus improve sexual function. It is important to seek medical care if you experience symptoms of these conditions before they worsen.


Sexual dysfunction is not a medical problem, but it can also be medical related. However important it may seem, you should not be so much worried about sexual dysfunction as this may lead to anxiety and stress. The tips above will work for you if you don't; your sexual dysfunction is not medical related. Being open and honest about this to your partner is also important, and through communication, you can help yourself deal with it.


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