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People aim to have multiple orgasms when engaging in sexual activities. Some ways one can become multi-orgasmic include; varying the stimulation, pushing through, and going solo.

Some people have considered that having multiple orgasms is the only way sexual activities can be deemed successful. It always acts as the end product of any sexual activity. At times a person can have orgasms, but they may be premature, and if not, they only come once. You appreciate the fact that you at least had an orgasm. This should never be the case. There are different ways to try and explore for them to achieve an orgasm. A person enjoys sexual activity and will always look forward to them. Some of the ways include; 

Pushing Through

The multi-orgasmic thing is always an issue of mind over matter. It all begins in the mind, and it is upon you to follow the script you have presented to your mind to act on it. It is all about having and setting goals and intentions and going for them no matter your feeling. It is a weird place to be in, but you need to put yourself in a position to tell your mind and body that you can do it and even when you feel like you can’t do it. You need to push yourself into a position where you will be able to turn yourself on again and get back to it. 

According to Collins et al. (2004), you could start by touching yourself sensually, watching explicit content, and trying out different ways until you become turned on. get to push yourself more, and also the chance of getting turned on will be higher and it will take some lesser time. You may find out that you are not horny anymore, but you still want to get an orgasm. You need to push yourself to the point of getting turned on and get back to the activities that will make you have another orgasm. Put your mind in the position that you are in charge, and you are determined to have some orgasms no matter the feeling you have. The more you push yourself, the lesser time you have to get turned on.

Vary the Stimulation

Achieving multiple orgasms is about the state of the mind. It is all about keeping yourself turned on and having that desire. However, some things may become a block to all these. One of the blocks is sensitivity. Some women’s clit become so sensitive after they come, and it becomes very difficult for them to go for the second round. This inhibits their chance of getting an orgasm once again.

Varying the stimulation is the best way a person could avoid sensitivity as Zald et al. (2003) noted. You can give yourself orgasms through the g-spot and clitoral stimulation, as Chalker (2018) suggested. The best thing is to switch things up. Start by giving yourself clitoral stimulation and when you get an orgasm, switch things up to g-spot stimulation. You should save the easiest way for you to achieve an orgasm to last. Men can try and strike their penis until they get an orgasm, and if they happen to be sensitive, they can touch themselves gently and in a light manner until their penis becomes hard and they are ready to achieve another orgasm.

You can also introduce sex toys such as the g-spot stimulator so that you may get an orgasm. Once you have an orgasm through the g-spot stimulation, you try using a vibrator-like massage wand on your clitoris to have another orgasm. You are not getting one orgasm from stimulating the g-spot and the clitoris at once. Find ways in which you can be turned on without touching yourself if you find yourself being sensitive anytime you cum. Put on some erotic porn and massage, or rub your nipples until you feel you are ready to get back to it. 

Go, Solo 

Achieving multiple orgasms will be easy when you go solo and try masturbating rather than having sex with your partner. This will make it easy for all the concentration to be on yourself, and you won’t have a lot of pressure from your partner, thus reducing the chances of stress. Some people struggle about getting turned on by their partners and may end up having sex with their partners just to satisfy them but not because they want to. When this happens, they are likely not to get an orgasm. However, you can get turned on by touching yourself and end up getting multiple orgasms.

Be Aroused

Being turned on is important in sexual activities, especially when you want to have multiple orgasms. There are various things or ways you can try if you want to get turned on. According to Hanna (1988), you could start by listening to erotic songs, watching some explicit videos, or trying to remember the first day you had sex and the feelings you felt to arouse your sexual feelings. You are probably going to get turned on, and you can start touching yourself or engaging in sexual activities with your partner. 


Not everyone can have multiple orgasms, but it is always worth trying it out. You can always try and give it a shot if you have never gotten to the point of having an orgasm. You may be surprised that it is possible and not a hard task as you had thought. You should always try to make yourself get there once in a while. Also, if you feel like it is a hard task or difficult to get multiple orgasms, you can always try and enjoy the experience. You get to explore more through this process, and it becomes more fun. Consider incorporating sex toys during sexual activities by stimulating your erogenous zones to get mind-blowing orgasms. Varryinmg stimulations are important to sex life and a person has to learn how to do so. Go solo to explore zones your partner can’t access to attain multiple orgasms.


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