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Inflation Play Part 1: What Is It?

Inflation Play Part 1: What Is It?

Inflation Play Part 1: What Is It?

By Ksenia Sobchak

How kinked are you? There's a pretty easy way to gauge. Ask yourself a simple question: do you know what inflation play is?

Anyone who has ever plucked up the courage to visit a BDSM or fetish club has probably seen more than one submissive hooked up to a catheter with balls the size of grapefruit, or getting a needle pushed into their breasts or labial lips. If you didn't flee in horror right away, you got your first look at inflation play.

So what does this fetish actually entail? Never fear, your mistress is here to give you the basics on inflation play; what it's all about and what you'd be getting yourself in for if you decide to experiment!

What's actually going on?

The submissive, in this case the person getting inflated, is having salt water injected into a sensitive part of their body, causing it to swell. This is usually done via a catheter or more direct injection for those that don't mind the added sting. Common spots of choice are the breasts or balls, but there are more adventurous options too...

Won't that kill me?

Not at all! Though it will sting a bit... Saline is compatible with the human body, so it gets gradually absorbed into the tissues over the next few days. It doesn't leave behind any weird scarring or deformation either, though the inflated area does take a little while to go back to normal.

What's the point of it?

Well, once swollen, the body part gets extra sensitive and if you're into the BDSM scene, added feeling is a very good thing. It means the lightest touch over the swollen area feels electric! Also as you probably guessed, with all the medical equipment floating around, this fetish tends to appeal to anyone who has a thing for playing doctor.

Where can I start?

If you're a complete newcomer to the scene, don't try your hand at inflating anyone. Rather pluck up the courage to have yourself pumped up. The process is totally safe if done properly, but can get dangerous if you don't know what you're doing, so you don't want to be trying it on yourself or worse, anyone else right away. Go to local S&M and fetish scenes and spectate; if you're feeling brave enough, volunteer! It's guaranteed to be an intense experience. If you find you love it, look for a dominant to help you make your newfound fetish a regular thing.