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Is He Cheating or Am I Paranoid?

Is He Cheating or Am I Paranoid?

Is He Cheating or Am I Paranoid?

By Elena Ognivtseva

Some people are lucky enough to have partners they can trust 100% and this is the main factor that sees couples celebrating their ruby and diamond wedding anniversaries. However, unfortunately not all men (and women for that matter) can be trusted as some just can’t resist temptation when it’s offered on a plate.

The fact that you’re reading this article means something suspicious is afoot however before you convince yourself he’s doing the dirty ask yourself a few questions.

Do you have trust issues?

A lot of us are guilty of bringing past feelings of mistrust into a new relationship. If we’ve been hurt before, it seems inevitable that this will happen again. This isn’t true. There are tonnes of trustworthy men out there, and to keep one you must enter the relationship with an open mind-and heart.

Is it gossip related?

Unfortunately there are some cruel people out there who love to stir up trouble. If you’ve had no reason to worry until an acquaintance planted the seed of doubt in your mind, you’ve still probably got no reason to worry.

Do you have low self-esteem?

If you’ve been worried about your weight and hating yourself in the mirror, you probably assume this is how your partner sees you too. Make changes, exercise more, or have a makeover and then see if you still feel suspicious.
Down to the nitty gritty though, if none of the above factors are at play is your partner –

Glued to His Phone?

If he is scared of leaving his phone lying around, he’s scared you’ll see something you shouldn’t. This could be flirtations, porn or even conversations with someone you hate. If he falls asleep with it by his side and keeps it close even when showering, you may have reason to be suspicious. Ask to borrow it and see if he hovers, if he doesn’t leave the room as you use it (for whatever excuse you’ve come up with – your battery ran out etc.) then there’s something he’s definitely hiding.

Rejected your Advances?

As women it’s a very rare occurrence when our advances are rejected. Many of us lucky ones swim through life never once hearing the words, “not tonight”. That ensures when this does happen alarm bells begin to ring. It could be something else, he could have a spot on his bum he doesn’t want you to see, or maybe stressed or depressed, however if you’ve noticed an increasing trend where his looks no longer linger when you get undressed, or his affection has waned, it could be that his thoughts and feelings are elsewhere.

A Nameless Female?

Many people think that if he’s having an affair he’ll talk about the woman all the time. In fact the opposite is true. He’ll be scared to bring up her name in case you can tell he’s lying. Do you know he sees a certain woman daily but never talks about her? Ask a few questions then keep an eye out for tell-tale body language.

Hides his Bills?

Credit and debit cards don’t lie. If you can’t remember the last time you saw his bank statement or if he doesn’t share his log in details with you despite the gold band on your finger, then something’s wrong. These statements show all purchases along with the time and date. If he doesn’t want you to see what he’s been spending his money on you’ve got to ask yourself why.