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Love addiction signs - How to know if you’re a love addict

Love addiction signs - How to know if you're a love addict

Are You a Love Addict?

By Elena Ognivtseva

We often hear a lot about sex addicts as it is now a widely recognised affliction however being a love addict can also be damaging to relationships. This problem can leave people feeling isolated and alone, while never actually settling down like their friends and relatives.

What is a Love Addict?

A love addict is a person that adores the first flushes of love (don't we all?) however unlike others, when these feelings start to wane, they bolt and go looking for it all over again. Many people are love addicts without even realising it, as they simply think they've fallen out of love with their partner, but there are tell-tale signs to look for that signify it's not falling out of love that's the problem but the fear of the relationship becoming normal.

How Can I Spot a Love Addict?

A love addict will adore the chase; they will revel in those moments where they sit by the phone waiting for their lover to call. They will be happy when at the beginning of the relationship you can't keep your hands off each other and they will love trying new things and being the best lover you've ever had. This all sounds perfectly normal and it is, but where most couples progress and settle into a daily life that still incorporates love, but of course on a different level, a love addict will look elsewhere as soon as those butterflies in the stomach begin to calm down. This may last until a wedding, or it may be a matter of months, but you should be able to tell as they'll mention how boring the relationship has become and how much they miss those sparks at the beginning.

Why is this a Problem?

This may not seem like a massive problem to a love addict, as they will tell themselves that life is too short to settle down and become a boring married person with responsibilities that make sex only possible a few times a week. However, it's the transition period when they flee, that few months where a relationship loses a little of the spark but also develops a deeper love on a different level. Without experiencing this deeper connection and realising that it more than makes up for those butterflies at the beginning, a love addict will never know how secure and fulfilling it is to settle down, raise a family and have a partner for life.

How to Kick the Habit

If you think you may be addicted to love, or can't decide if you've fallen out of love or would just like to relive that spark ask yourself some questions. Try to brave it out for a month or two and make efforts to keep the spark alive. If you're not constantly bickering with your partner, if you still enjoy sex with them and if you trust them 100% the chances are you do love them just in a different way than before.