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How To Make Love To Your Man Intensely For A Deeper Connection

How To Make Love To Your Man Intensely For A Deeper Connection

How To Make Love To Your Man Intensely For A Deeper Connection

You meet, flirt, fall in love, and then sleep together. Sometimes it slips, and sometimes it becomes something solid. Your man can be serious about you and want a relationship with you, and that's when you will be required to make him have a deeper connection with you. The emotional connection must grow depending on how you make love to him.

Making love is mastering foreplay and learning new exciting positions and variations that will make your sex tremendous and full of fun. It is not the same as having sex. The great way to keep your man is to become a sexual goddess. Making love with your partner is more than having sex. It is simply to bond by showing him what you feel for him and that you genuinely love him. It also means him showing you how he loves you and how much he cares.  We can say making love is not about animalistic crazy sex. Rather, it’s about connecting with your man. The act is also great because it strengthens what you feel for each other.  Every woman's dream is to make a deeper connection with their men, so below are some ways you can make this happen.

Always Focus on The Journey and Not The Destination

When having sex, the finish line is an orgasm, and it's the goal of many people. Preferring orgasm to sex is okay, but when you only focus on the goal, you will forget how you can get there. This is a significant difference from staying in the moment. It may also be detrimental because you get used to the routine and forget about exploring.  When you focus on the journey, things will slow down, differentiating between making love vs having sex.

Additionally, it will give you more time to fully explore your body and your lover's body if you reach a great orgasm. Also, if you don't, redefine what sex looks like, and it's meaning. That is also ideal, and when your focus is on pleasure and connecting, it will do away with the pressure of trying to reach the climax or making your lover cum. Sex expectations are usually to help out, so expecting anything is okay.

Try Tantra Sex

Tantric sex is very purposeful in some ways. It might help you have a feeling of making love rather than having sex. Tantric sex focuses mainly on energy exchange with your lover, known as making intimate love. However, it has borders.

Cum Together

It is not always easy for both partners to reach the climax at the same time. But when such happens, it will make both of you feel like making love and not just having sex. There are a few steps that you should follow to make this easy and possible.

Beginners should know the duration they take before reaching climax and what they are supposed to do. If you take more time than your man, begin with manual stimulation or oral sex. Become multi-orgasmic because it allows you to control your orgasm and share a moment with your lover. You can also try edging to bring yourself to the edge of orgasm and then back off to enhance extreme orgasm if you need it.


Some people consider what happens before and after sex very important. If one or all of you rush to have sex, it won't give a feeling of emotional intimacy. Usually, oxytocin, a cuddle hormone, is released during orgasm, so bask in it because it encourages bonding. Remember to use enough time to cuddle and touch after having sex.  This will enhance the transition from sex rime to a reality jarring. You can sleep with your man after making love to wake up with a feeling of satisfaction and being loved.

Stay in The Moment

People with overactive minds tend to get out of the moment, which is not good when learning love-making. Do a few practices on how to stay in the moment. This is very easy for those who have ever tried tantric sex or taken part in guided meditation.

If you realize that your mind is not relaxed, focus on the pleasure you receive or give. Monitor the movement of your hands, head, feet, arms, legs, and core feels. Focus on the breathing pattern of the two of you.  Try breathing in tandem and imagine yourself breathing his exhaled air as he does the same. That breath has energy going through the body to make you grounded. To some people, this will help them feel every sense of stimulation. Like mourning, breathing can help in keeping the auditory enthralled. To get your head back in the position, you will need to switch positions to bring your head back to the gate. Usually, these processes are referred to as mindfulness and help in managing stress and anxiety.

Additionally, mindfulness enhances wetness in women to improve sexual function, which leads to satisfaction. It also helps women affected by sexual dysfunction and enhances sexual desires.  Both men and women can benefit from emotional intimacy and mindfulness. 

Incorporate Your Full Bodies

Most women know how it feels to have sex with someone who takes them as nothing but a warm wet hole. This is also applicable in making love so remember always to do what is opposite. Please give him lavish attention from the head to the toes by incorporating his and your body. Kiss him all over as you caress his back, legs, arms, and chest. Also, try to connect your bodies.

The Bottom Line

It is a nice feeling when your man develops a deep connection with you. This can only be achieved while having steamy bedroom sex. However, remember that making love is not similar to having sex. So many things can help you have a deep connection with your man. But you can only achieve this when you follow the above-discussed steps carefully.