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Naughty Taboo Sex Stories - Home Workout

Naughty Taboo Sex Stories - Home Workout

Naughty Taboo Sex Stories - Home Workout

By Elena Ognivtseva

She hadn't worked out in over nine months. For all those months she had passed up exercising her body. Still she was in decent shape. Okay maybe fair shape for a 25 year old, but time would tell if she could keep up the lowly body. She wasn't thin. That's for sure. Her hair was short and she liked it that way. Although stylish she still carried a nice set of curves around her hips which needed tending to all the time. Why, she wasn't sure, but they did. She had had affairs with a couple older guys, but made amends with her new husband, afterward. Now divorced and single she needed something, anything, and the guy although older looked to be a fine choice to hit on, if he was into her game.

"Can you show me how this works, sir?" she asked.

He looked at her. Her tits were already "out." He offered the "You don't know how it works mam" look. That's the look he had on his face. She knew the expression. "I don't do that part." She read it all over his face. "I only deliver the stuff. I mean that's all I do." She knew it. But she also knew he would, in time, given her dramatically odd situation, break down. He'd take off his shirt. She knew he would. He'd undress a little, for her own secretive pleasures, and give the young pretty looking lady a few tips how it worked as far as he knew. Knowing, just like her, he had those same mounting hormones and she'd get to see him breathe deeply as he slowly filled his lungs with all that air which there'd be a slow and gradual chance to breathe and grow and foster all those new chances once again so she could have his man's cock inside her. Yes, that's what she was after, what she was thinking and soon, yes soon enough, she'd have his shirt off sweating and wanting more sex with her then he could ever dream of.

It was only a matter of time and she knew this.

And before he knew it he saw what he never expected. She showed him. He couldn't believe it either. He stood there ready" ready to take off his shirt, but she undid her top for him. She couldn't believe she had, but she did. Do you like them, my nice boobs, she felt like asking, but she didn't. She didn't even know his age, but she didn't have to. He looked at her. She looked at him. Finally she asked anyway. She had to know.

"34 if you have to know." His eyes of course focused on her large tits he went on to add "That's how old I am currently." He told her. "Wow mam, I mean" and he shook his head "I don't know why you did that, but if you want me to"well you know"sex you up" and he didn't even look at his watch or a wall clock "well I want to but" but she knew. He had other work to do. He had to get back to work. He had the company truck. And he asked a dumb question. "But what will your husband say?" His eyes were locked on both of the large white bulges. Big and round as ever and blustery, her tits were all but verbally inviting him to touch both. She smiled. She even winked feeling she had to do that too. So she did. She almost"almost stepped closer, but for the moment she didn't. She felt the pain grow within her, between her legs. She wanted him. She wanted this guy. She didn't care if he was single or married or even gay at that point. Pain was arising within her and she needed this young man's flesh on her. She felt it, everywhere. She was able touch it all over her body. Was she a slut? She never thought she was. She simply liked men's cocks. She always had. And who didn't? Was his one of the better ones?

But then, from out of nowhere she asked him if he liked her tits. Most guys do, she told him and, and so she said it anyway.

"I can tell you do too" he heard her say.

He didn't mean to do it. It just happened. He nodded, his eyes traversing across both her tits. Her hands had just outlined them both and after outlining her breasts they eased lower and lower across her belly. Down a little and then down further her hands going, slipping all the way around her until they rolled right over her wide fattened hips. He watched. He could not believe this. He was watching and watching and" And ohhhhhhh he felt her body he felt his body's heat rising and glowing and torturing him. He had no idea why he felt what he was feeling. He wasn't attracted to her, not to this type of woman, was he? But he began noticing the hips, noticing her legs, and wow man he thought he heard him say to himself" Nice hips"yeah really nice hips he had said.

"Care to see my ass too?" she asked with a wink.

For whatever reason, his head nodded as his eyes grew bigger. She pulled it tight, her dress that is, and once she did, he saw a very well-formed set of curves rounding around her ass. He couldn't believe any of this was happening. His eyes didn't do anything. He didn't wink nor did they blink. He didn't believe how well shaped the ass turned out once she pulled her dress tightly around her ass. The slightly older man was more then impressed by her overall looks and she saw it in him. She giggled, suitably. When she did he felt it too. When she giggled all 25 years of her knew what was going to happen, soon.

"Is this how I should be doing it?" she asked.

She laid back on it for him to watch. Stretching further and further back her body moved like a crane in its natural habitat. Her tits propelled upward and almost through her top pushing up and into the sky. The young woman, she split her legs apart, and did it correctly. He felt he could almost smell her insides. Almost that is. She knew it too. She knew he was feeling all of it now. She could tell he would soon want to climb in between them and work her soon. She knew. Yes she did. Soon enough the man would climb in between her larger then life thighs and"and he'd"he'd" Ohhhhhh he'd want it badly.

"God, you know exactly what"what you're doing" she heard him tell her.

Her body edged further back and over it. Backward, and she lurched all the way back, stretching out further and further.

"Oh wow, that one's"well its terrific" she said happily. "Do I look right to you?"

She looked. He had nodded. He told her yes. His eyes we're gazing in between the legs.

"I have a new exercise. May I show you it?" she asked.

He said sure. She hopped up off the ball and took his hand in hers. She began to walk. Where, he didn't know, but he followed. Out the room and down the hall the two went. Down the hall they headed. She told him to lie down. He looked at her, strangely. She told him it would be alright. It would be okay. He lay down. She looked at him. She looked at his body. She told him he had a nice body. He looked at her. He thanked her. He worked out. He knew it was a good frame. He thanked her again. She walked around the other side and slipped into bed. She took off her tennis shoes. He watched her. She watched him.

"Can I go ahead"and"and kiss your chest? Would it bother you?" she asked.

"Uhhhhh"miss?" he began to tell her. She only smiled back at him. Now on her bed, she was on her knees. Why was he letting her do this to her? He wanted her to? Yeah, that's gotta be it, right? He didn't stop it, did he? "Uhhh miss?" he said again, protesting a little. She split his legs apart. Quietly she heard him tell her "Miss"umm"do we"do you or" but he watched her do it anyway. Two hands came slowly. Drifting in the air they came to land at his zipper. "Oh god" he said. His head was back and his gaze hovering towards the ceiling. "Ohhhhhhh don't"please do not" but then she heard him as she undid his belt "yeahhh...ohhh yeah."

It was hard and it was already long too and once she had undid his jeans, he allowed her to slip them off his body. His eyes had already closed. The anxious and uptight nature swallowing him up inside was all encompassing. He couldn't believe a woman he didn't know was going to put her lips on it. Wasn't she, he asked himself. His eyes had closed but when the hand rode over his tight white underwear he heard himself groan.

"Oh"ohhhhhhh yes"yes" he said to her.

He finally looked up. She was looking at him. She liked his eyes. They were soft and welcoming, she thought. She told him too. He forced a smile. Nobody had ever said that to him before. "Soft and welcoming" he heard in his thoughts. He touched her because of what she thought. He reached out and felt her shoulders. Hers were soft too. He liked them. And as she felt his ribbed cock due to the ribbed underwear he began to pull her up. He pulled her some more and some more. They were face to face as her tits hung low against his chest. He wanted to feel them. No, he wanted to see and feel them both. God, he wanted that most of all.

"Can"May I take off your shirt?" he asked.

She smiled and said yes and he worked himself into a sitting position. With both sitting and facing the other, he reached out and lifted her top up over her head. They were large, really large, but weren't dressed for any sort of physical activity. None at all in fact, he thought. This was a dressy bra. Black, purple, and lacy too and it was slung a little low as far as his thoughts were concerned. That was his thought. Her tits, and yes they were huge were perfect as big girl's tits went he told himself. She watched him look at them too and she smiled, even winked although he didn't see her wink. She waited and she waited and she waited, but he never made the move to feel them or touch them in any way and so she reached down and took his hand and brought it forward as she hoped it would. She hoped he'd let her take the hand and place it on her boob.

Yes, let me do this. I need to, she thought. I need to feel a guy's hand on them again.

And finally without warning not one but both came up after them, feeling their beauty and feeling their size and his eyes drifted all over the place as he felt them not only in his mind, but on his hands. "Ooooooohh" she heard him say softly. "Uhhh" he began to say again as a long relieving sigh which sounded something like "ooooooohh" was orated.

"You like my boobs?" she asked.

"Yes" he answered.

"Care to kiss them"please?" she said.

"Uhhh"really?" he replied.

"Uh, sure"umm, I'd like that" he told her.

She waited. He looked into her eyes. She did want it. She really did want him or someone to kiss her tits. He scooted forward, closer, and he looked into the younger woman's eyes. There was a great need for touching in her face. She did want him to feel them and so he did. He reached around her body and undid the latch to the bra. And he took it and threw it to the ground. She watched his face as he did. She smiled and as he leaned in to kiss them, she kissed his lips first. What"what was that, he asked himself, but from there on her tits were his for the doing and he did them almost according to the way she wished. And it was good, as good as it could be.

These two didn't know one another at all but his hands were on her breasts from there on. They felt good. No, it felt incredible. He was a master or so she thought. Moving around like he was a master therapist, his caressed them appropriately. Yes, she'd say to herself as the hands moved in circular motion over them. His body moved in closer. Oh god yes, she told herself. She felt it, his cock, and she pushed backward to feel its dimensions as he continued rubbing and motioning his hands around her tits. Oh yes, yes she thought to herself" Feel them"feel them harder"harder she wanted to say aloud, but didn't. She let him do it his way. Regardless, he felt the large boobs in a cultivated manner. He was either experienced or good or yes, he was both. That had to be it. He was"superb.

"Oh yes"yes" she orated. "Will you do me one last favor?" she said. And while he continued feeling them he asked her what that favor was. "Will you"eat me out?"


She turned her head around as best she could. Looking into his eyes, she nodded. He nodded back and they laid themselves out. His underwear remained on. Hers came off. God her pussy looked" good. He couldn't believe how" how juicy it seemed to him and it was all his, if he wanted it. He did. He wanted the pussy, terribly.

He kissed her legs. She cried out. He kissed more. She cried out again. But before she knew it, he was in it. Sucking and licking and prodding and swallowing, he had the unknown customer wailing from the bottoms of her lungs.

This guy was" he was good as they came and with that, she came and she came quickly. It was a surprise to him how quickly she orgasmed. She called out for more. She needed another orgasm and begged for it too, but he knew he had to get back. An hour had gone by. He had to get back to work.

"Can I come by this evening, after 6:30?" he asked.

She looked at him, smiling. "I want your cock in me. You have to know that. I'll be here" she told him. "I'll even be in the shower at 6:30, for starters. How's that sound?"

"Perfect?" he said.

"Mmmmm, dinner too" later on?" she asked

He nodded and kissed each boob as he dressed. Then he turned and headed back to work.