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My Husband Is So Good - A Short Story About Sex

My Husband Is So Good - A Short Story About Sex

My Husband Is So Good - A Short Story About Sex

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Slamming the door behind me as I come in from work, I kick off my shoes and slump on the couch. I need to change my job so that I'm not this exhausted every day. I've been tired and grouchy and I had an argument with my husband last night that I felt guilty about. He'd stormed off when he'd got sick of my complaining about his lack of effort around the house, and I hadn't seen him since.

I pour myself a glass of wine and channel flick, restlessly. Hauling myself off the couch, I trudge to the bathroom and start running a bath: I want to be in better shape for when my husband comes back, so he's not faced with the same bedraggled moaning that he got yesterday.

Stripping off my work clothes, I catch myself in the mirror; even though I've been feeling very down on myself, I'm not really as past it as sometimes I feel. In fact, my body's really showing the benefit of the early morning runs I'd been doing recently. At thirty-nine, my boobs are impressively full and high, and my shapely waist, bum and legs attract comments.

Sinking into a bubble bath, I start to feel some of the stress of the day ebb away. The water laps at my body and I feel warm and comfortable.

My husband appears in the doorway. He looks down at me and I am happy to see him. He doesn't look as if he is still annoyed. He kneels down next to the bath and plants a gentle kiss on the end of my nose. I kiss him back, his familiar lips so soft and inviting. He reaches under my arms to lift me and I rise to him, dripping bubbles. He takes a towel from the hook and starts to dry me slowly, running it over my arms, stomach and legs. He tells me he loves me and I feel relaxed against him as he continues to dry me softly. Wrapping me up in the towel, he gently lifts me and carries me through to the bedroom, lying me down on the bed.

Smoothing the last drips from my body with the towel, he takes a tub of cream and starts to rub my tired feet, relief and relaxation course through me. He turns me over and works on my back, rubbing the creases from my shoulder blades and kissing the base of my spine. I am starting to feel really turned on as he massages my buttocks, pressing deeply into the muscle and releasing all the tightness.

He slides a hand down between my cheeks and strokes the warmness of my pussy. I spread my legs a little and let him massage there, drifting further into a sleepy daze. He gently nudges me to turn back over and I roll clumsily, spreading my legs at his gentle insistence. His lips find my thighs and caress up towards my wetness, his hand massaging my clitoris as his lips find me and kiss firmly over my pussy opening.

His fingers start to probe around my entrance and I feel ready for him to start to go inside me. He feels this, and gently slides two fingers into me and strokes my G-spot which begins to rise and throb. His tongue on my clit is rubbing gently upwards and my body starts to tense as I feel the first stirrings of my orgasm. His fingers make me feel that pressure inside of me as I start to want to push down against him. He builds me, knowing just how longs to linger with each caress and lick, feeling my orgasm approaching.

He reaches for my hand and presses it to the bulge in his trousers. I unzip him one-handed and feel his cock spring into my palm. Warm and damp in my hand, I feel a thrill at the sensation of his desire and gently pull him towards me, wanting him in my mouth. He leaves my pussy and comes to stand next to the bed so I can reach him. I kiss the tip of that penis that I adore so much, and its jump sets of a similar jump in my belly.

I take him fully into my mouth and he groans as I begin to work up and down. I cup his balls and massage them as I pull him into my mouth harder, feeling the shape of all his contours as he passes back and forth through my lips. He gently holds my head and presses himself into me. His wanting makes me feel adoration for him that fills my whole body, I am wax in his hands for him to mould.

He pulls out and returns to my pussy. He sucks my clit and I feel ready to cum very quickly because his cock has been turning me on so much. He finger fucks me harder than before, stroking past my G-spot, and I tense, breathing hard, as the waves start to roll in. I tell him, I'm coming, I'm coming, because I want him to know that he has me, that I am his. I twist and writhe and cry out with my orgasm, crying out with my need for his love and his body.

He quickly kneels above me and pushes his penis into me, filling me with himself. I rock with him, clinging to his shoulders and catching my breath with his thrusts. My arms are around him and his warm chest presses down on me. We roll around and I lie flat on him, raising my bum up and down to meet his cock. I start to come again from the pressure on my G-spot and I feel him glow; he loves to feel the squeezing of my orgasmic contractions on his dick and to hold me as I cum onto him.

His movements become urgent and the feeling of his desire thrills me again. His body, as his nears his climax, feels pure and exciting, wanting to give me all he has. I kiss his lips, and he bites back, tensing now, holding my hips and thrusting into me. He says the same as I did, I'm coming, I'm coming, and I feel him push his release home. Again and again, he pushes deeply into me as his spasms come. I feel his come inside me, warm and wet. He begins to relax; I am lying across his chest, feeling the dampness of his body and the beats of his heart as they thud and then gradually begin to return to normal. I feel one with him.

He stirs and rises, reaches down and lefts me. He carries me back to the bath and lays me down in it, then climbs in with me. He lies back against me and I feel very drowsy in the water with his weight on top of me. We breathe together.