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Safe Exhibitionism With Modern Technology

Safe Exhibitionism With Modern Technology

Safe Exhibitionism With Modern Technology

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Exhibitionism and sex in public are two forms of exposure that are strictly prohibited in most parts of the world. You are not allowed to expose yourself, and there’s a fine line between “public displays of affection” and “indecent exposure”.

Despite this, many thrill-seekers still get their jollies from showing off far too much skin at the risk of being discovered, or trying to get it on in a department store’s changing rooms. Indecent exposure, however, can land you in jail and can result in a criminal record for even the most model citizen. This poses the question: how do you go about reaching the highs and peaks of exhibitionist behaviour without getting yourself locked up overnight?

Recent events involving a secretive two-way mirror a Scottish Nightclub’s female toilets have angered and upset many patrons, but a select few were secretly thrilled and excited about the idea of being spied on, and all the media hubbub has attracted a lot of exhibitionists to the doors of the Glaswegian hotspot.

Two-way mirrors are just one way that exhibitionists are able to safely get their kicks without risking jail-time, although secretly using two-way mirrors to spy on ladies in the loo is definitely a no-no. Instead, installing two-way mirrors and window glass in your own private space is one way to feel like you’re exposing yourself to your friends and neighbours without running the risk of being cited for indecent exposure. In this instance, you’d be exposed or performing sexual acts behind the mirror or glass as the public walk by in plain view.

If you’re like Dee, blogger and exhibitionist extraordinaire, you’ll deliberately go out of your way to expose yourself to your neighbours and friends. But the rest of us are less extreme, and we’re more concerned with “safe” exhibitionism from a distance. With two-way mirrors or glass you could be enjoying a frisky session of love-making in your lounge as your postman walks by unawares, or you could have kinky outdoor sex in your conservatory behind the obscured panes of window glass. No one will be the wiser if you keep the noise down.

From physical windows to digital ones. Exposing yourself in public is a strict no, but that hasn’t stopped many people from getting their private parts out on social chatting systems like Chat Roulette.

Designed to give complete strangers random access to each other across the globe for video “chatting” purposes, Chat Roulette was quickly appropriated by exhibitionists for thrill-seeking. When you hit spin, you know that there’s the risk of getting a willy on your screen. For many, that’s part of the fun. Text-based services like MIRC and gaming systems like MMORPGs (think Second Life and the famous “Keyhole Club”) also inevitably lead down a sexual path… but be careful who you send your nudey photos to. They could end up on internet chat boards or other locations!

Part of the fun of exhibitionist behaviour is getting caught, but that comes with risk! Read about Curvaceous Dee and her exhibitionist Scavenger Hunt escapades for more inspiration.