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Sex and Your Star Signs

Sex and Your Star Signs

Sex and Your Star Signs

By Ekaterina Mironova

Even if you don’t believe in astrology you’ve probably seen your horoscopes for the year ahead. However, what do the different signs say about how someone is in bed? Are they adventurous, shy, or a little bit dirty? Here’s a quick summary to see where you (and your lover) fit in.

Aries is quite insatiable and likes to teach you new things. An Aries lover will enjoy bringing new challenges into the bedroom and will keep you up all night wanting more.

Taurus plays the patience game. They love long slow sessions that end in a mind blowing climax. A Taurus cannot be rushed. They take a while to be aroused and a while to be completely satisfied but they also take time to ensure their lover is satisfied too!

Gemini’s have two sides. The fun, frolicking energetic side that sees sex as a game and the loving, sensual side that ensures all parties are satisfied to the full. Sex with a Gemini is never dull.

Cancer will not have sex for the sake of it, they like to know they are giving and receiving love. They are also sensitive to a lover’s needs and will try to please.

Leo expects applause after a performance as they love to gain credit for a job well done. This means they usually take the initiative although sometimes they will wonder why they have to do all the hard work!

Virgo takes time and follows instructions to the letter. This can be quite laborious for those with short attention spans but for those that stick it out they’ll find they receive wonderful rewards.

Libra wants everything to be perfect for both parties. This is a great pairing for Gemini as they can help them see the lighter side. Libra believes sex is spiritual and emotional.

Scorpio is the sexiest sign of the zodiac loving everything new and radiating lust wherever they go. They will experiment and they will explore new ways to make you both satisfied.

Sagittarius is often seen as distant and cold but this makes them even more attractive to the opposite sex. They don’t like to become attached, but when they do you’ll be in for a treat!

Capricorns feel deeply about sex and want to feel like it makes a difference increasing the bond between you and leaving you satisfied. They love to make the most of every encounter and will have a set plan in mind as to how things will proceed.

Aquarius is not predictable; they’ll often leave lovers wondering what they did wrong as they seem to want more than sexual fulfilment. Even they don’t know what they want sometimes they just know they are looking for something so special that when they find it they’ll never let it go.

Pisces is so generous with loving that they often forsake their own needs. To really please a Pisces you should take control and show them they deserve to be satisfied too!