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Signs Men Want To Have Sex - How to Tell If a Guy Wants Sex

Signs Men Want To Have Sex - How to Tell If a Guy Wants Sex

Signs Men Want To Have Sex - How to Tell If a Guy Wants Sex

By Tatyana Dyachenko

So, obviously it is not too hard to figure out that your guy wants to have sex since, most of the time, men have no issue letting you know. But, what if you could figure out before he lets you know? You could initiate it before he does, and let me tell you, men LOVE it when you take it upon yourself to start it. Janine Driver, author of You Say More Than You Think, helps us discover the signs that scream I want you NOW!

Look at his eyes. When your man gets turned on there is a biological change that occurs. Yes, blood rushes to his penis, and he becomes erect, but you may not be able to easily see this. However, you can tell he is aroused by looking at his eyes. When he gets in the mood, his pupils will dilate, meaning that black part in the middle of his eye will get bigger.

Where does he try to focus your eyes? As human beings, our eyes are drawn to things when certain things happen. For example, if I were to say ‘look!’, while pointing up, you would instantly look to where my hand is pointing. Well, men use this to influence your desire for them. They may place their hands on their thigh, or use their fingers and cuff their belt loops. Anything to get you to look at their crotch, and think about what is underneath.

He touches his nose. Yeah. This is an interesting one. And, of course, he may have a cold. But, a man who is horny will touch his nose a lot. According to the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, ‘the nerves in a guy’s nose and the nerves in his erectile tissue are linked’.

There is a change in his voice. According to a study conducted in 2010 by TS-SI, an individuals pitch will become lower when they are turned on. This may be because an effort is made to sound more seductive.

He will touch you. Well, of course, we already know when your man is turned on he will want to touch you, everywhere. But, according to a Cosmopolitan writer, ‘he will cup, or rub your shoulders’. Ruderman says, this is often a subconscious simulation of grabbing your breasts.

He hugs you in a certain way. Next time you and your man are hugging, pay attention to where he places his hands. Although most men will wrap their arms around your waist, there might be a slight different when he is turned on. Look to see if his hands rest on, or just about, your butt. This is a true signal of what he is in the mood for. You can also take this as a great opportunity to initiate some sexual activity.

No matter what way he tries to let you know he wants you, you try to, at least sometimes, be the one who starts. Men love it when you take it upon yourself, and show them how much you want them.