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Somnophilia: The Sleeping Princess Syndrome

Somnophilia: The Sleeping Princess Syndrome

Somnophilia: The Sleeping Princess Syndrome

By Ekaterina Mironova

So - you think your sleep partner is sexy. I mean, more than usual: in fact, sometimes, she's sexier asleep than when she is awake. Seeing her lying there in her imaginary glass coffin is enough to send you over the edge. You're getting hot and bothered just thinking about being around her as she nods off into dreamland.

Sound familiar? You're not alone. Somnophilia is a fetish that's gaining widespread popularity. From the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale we all know so well, to the idealistic romantic rendezvous where a lucky woman is woken up by their partner's wandering tongue and gentle caresses. Sleep sex takes a variety of different forms, and is one of the more frequently practised fetishes in the bedroom.

Also known as the sleeping princess syndrome, this fetish is all about getting aroused by erotic caresses lavished upon a sleeping partner. Somnophilia takes shape in varying degrees: some fetishists may enjoy being sexually aroused around their sleeping partner. Others might enjoy touching them while they sleep, or masturbating next to them. In extreme cases, others can even achieve orgasm through pseudo-sexual acts with a sleeping partner.

There's a fine line here between consensual sleep fondling and non-consensual sex: make sure that if you plan on satisfying your urges with your sleeping partner that you talk to them in advance and explain your urges. If they agree, you could explore your urges with a willing partner who may even pretend to be asleep to facilitate your erotic desires.

Sarah Robertson published an article on A guide to burgling ­ ­- burgling, which she defines as being taken when I'm not expecting it is an essential component to a healthy sexual relationship, says Robertson.

If you've discussed it with your partner and they're up for it, here are Robertson's five tips to properly sleep sex your mate.

Before you engage in burglaring, make sure you have passed the toothbrush test. Robertson suggest that you consider this: if your partner isn't comfortable with you leaving your toothbrush over in their bathroom, then it's almost definitely not acceptable to wake them up with various sex acts.

Try to get permission in advance. Or at least, discuss it in some depth before you try it out at home.

Make sure your partner wakes up at some point. You might enjoy it, but they'll be completely turned off (or worse, freaked out) if they wake up too late to enjoy it as well.

Try to be appreciative of your partner's schedule. Waking him/her up at 6am before work is not a good idea.

Make it worthwhile for your partner. Don't be an aggressively sexual partner first thing in the morning: a slow, loving caress is more likely to be appreciated by a sleeping partner.