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What are some sex toys that an individual outside the bedroom can use? How effective are the sex toys when used outside the bedroom? This article explains some sex toys that an individual can use outside the bedroom.

Sex toys are often dubbed as masturbation tools as they are becoming common, even though it is not quite easy for anyone to come out about them. Because of their dreadful nature, those sex toys are often used in private behind closed; however, this doesn't apply to all sex toys altogether. With a variety of sex toys with the increasing growth of technology, there are toys that you can wear out in public. It is the size and discreetness of these toys that make this possible. You don't need big balls to go for this if you are certain about pleasure and fun. 

It's no doubt that sex toys are a great way to light things up when it comes to sex. They are even more fun when flying solo to give you those pleasures you want. Fingers, mouth, and genitals go a long way, but vibrators and sex accessories open up doors to unimaginable pleasures. Bringing sex toys into your couple’s time might be intimidating since sex toys are often referred to as masturbation tools. Individuals should first talk to their partner before bringing them in for it to be a better experience. Keep in mind that they may not like the idea; that's fine. You can surely introduce them if they are open-minded and appreciate the idea. However, you don't need to use these toys in the bedroom. Some toys can bring passion anywhere you feel comfortable doing so.

The U-shaped Couple Massager 

With eight vibration modes, this is the most marketed couple sex toy. Individuals might think that they are skillful enough to make their woman orgasm and give her satisfaction, but when it comes to sex toys, that is where they draw the line. No human is capable of providing the orgasm-inducing sensations of a vibrator. A couple’s massager is designed to be worn by the woman during sex. It provides pleasurable sensations from the eight remote-controlled vibration patterns through both your bodies. It is the toy you need if you and your partner enjoy adventure and exploration when it comes to toys.

The battery capacity ensures that it can be used for two hours nonstop when fully charged. It is rechargeable through a USB port. It consists of a soft silicone coating for maximum comfort and a flexible, insert-able tail for focused stimulation. It also works well with one arm vibrating mightily inside you while the other massaging your clitoris simultaneously. It gives unimaginable pleasures while having sex with your partner and is completely waterproof. Individuals can now increase their imagination and pleasure thoughts upon reading the information. Realize those dreams by getting yourself one today.

The Clitoral Stimulator

It is also referred to as the Motion-controlled Egg Vibrator with Wireless Remote, the perfect toy for a little foreplay. The clitoral stimulator is a small yet powerful bullet vibrator. It's a total vibe at a party, a restaurant, or traveling. You can let your partner dictate the sensations with its included wireless remote complete with motion-activated controls. Dubbed sense motion allows wireless sense controls over a wide range of up to 36 meters or 118feet. You can also select between up to eight vibration patterns and adjust the intensity with a simple flick or press button on the wrist.

The clitoral stimulator provides such unimaginable quiet vibrations that no one around needs to know unless wiser. DeKeseredy, & Hall-Sanchez, (2017) noted that most clitoral stimulators are waterproof so that the individual can take them to the bathtub or shower. Although, the remote of this toy should not be taken any closer to the water at any point. It may survive a few splashes, but it is not waterproof. If you like to have some little fun in public, like at work, you should go for this toy. Its discreetness makes it even more convenient. However, the remote itself is quite bigger than the toy. But it should fit on your hand just fine. If you have snoopy colleagues, don't worry, as the remote won’t sell you out. The last thing they will think of is a sex toy remote due to its sleek design.

Vaginal Beads 

If you are a woman who values her sensuality, this is the perfect toy for you, especially outside the bedroom. It is a discreet and ultra-premium version of Ben Wa balls. A woman will love how they vibrate along with movement when worn out on dates or a taxi ride home. Every woman has ever used a tampon on those days of every month. The method used with the tampon is the same as you would use with the vaginal beads. However, unlike the tampon where you place it high within the vagina, the bead is somehow different. 

You want to gently insert the one bead before deciding whether to go with two. You have to do this while standing up, preferably with one foot resting on a low stool. Doring (2021) explained that the bead should rest just above your pelvic muscles in the lower part of the vagina rather than where a tampon would normally be. With these beads, you are training your body for multiple orgasms. Another added advantage is they are good for workouts as one can replace those workouts with a discreet form of Kegel. It helps strengthen the vaginal muscles. According to Wood (2015), when these beads are worn, they provide movement-induced tingly sensations causing muscle contraction, giving comfort and convenience in any activity.


Often linked to masturbation, sex toys are abominable in society today, but they are however becoming common day in and day out. The choice of sex toys is dependent on what pleasure you are looking for and your personal preferences when it comes to sex and its pleasures. With different shapes, textures and sizes, you can't possibly miss something that suits you. Naturally, you would not think of using these toys out in public. However, with the toys above, you can think of taking your pleasures outside the bedroom and even in public. This article features discreet toys with unique features promising awesome sensations outside the bedroom. So don’t be afraid to explore your pleasures in the open. 


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