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Ten Quick Fire Sex Tips

Ten Quick Fire Sex Tips

Ten Quick Fire Sex Tips

By Ekaterina Mironova

1) If you want more sex, have more sex! Studies (and my personal experience!) have shown that if your sex life seems a tad lack lustre you need to make the effort to have it a bit more often. You will find that your sex drive increases when you're having regular sex. Use it or lose it people!

2) Masturbate and engage in plenty of foreplay before getting down to it if you have trouble reaching the big O! By the time the sex starts you won't have to work so hard to climax.

3) Mix it up a bit; don't stick to your usual 2 or 3 positions. Invest in a sex positions book or trawl the internet for ideas and incorporate them into your sessions. It's all about experimentation! Try making love in a different room as well such as the kitchen, in the shower and even in the garden.

4) Buying sexy lingerie for your partner or yourself can extend the amount of foreplay you engage in while you prance around showing if off. If (like me) your partner tends to remove the lingerie before fully appreciating it (he says it's the prize, not that wrapping that he's interested in!), why not give a little strip tease a go. This will force him to appreciate the effort you went to while getting down to business straight away!

5) Ladies, squeeze your pubococcygeus (PC) muscles during sex to make you seem ridiculously tight. He will thank you for it, and you will get a little extra boost in sensation.

6) Another one for the ladies - stick a pillow under your bum during missionary to angle your body in the correct way for his penis to rub against your g-spot. Trust me, this little trick works every time

7) Don't forget to have a giggle every now and then! Sex can be messy and sometimes things don't go to plan, but don't take it to heart and learn to laugh at your mistakes!

8) Swap your usual baggy pyjamas for a sexy, but still comfortable negligee, teddy or playsuit and surprise your man/woman with your new night-time fashion. This may well add an extra spark to your sex life and make you feel glamorous and seductive.

9) Take charge in the bedroom if you don't usual adopt this persona, or take a more passive roll if you're usually the dominant party. You might find that you prefer this new role and your significant other gets the chance to switch it up as well.

10) Finally, don't be afraid to make a noise to show your appreciation! Moaning when your partner does something you like is a great way of teaching them how to please you, and everyone likes to hear the effect they are having on their partner. So scream the house down!