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The Perfect Places for Quickies

The Perfect Places for Quickies

The Perfect Places for Quickies

By Ekaterina Mironova

We all know that quickies are the perfect interim to keep us satisfied as with our busy lives making the time for long luxurious lovemaking can seem impossible. However, the more we remain sexually active the more we actually want sex, so regardless of the type of sex, quickies can keep your libido sky high.

To truly enjoy a quickie its best not to do it in bed, going to bed involves the stripping of clothes and the cuddles afterwards making us feel a little cheated that we didn't have that little longer. Whereas, other places can make us feel naughty, wild inhibited and thoroughly satisfied especially when we keep most of our clothes on.

These are the best places for quickies, allowing you to get some right there and then, no need to travel to an appropriate room, unless of course you have children or visitors.

The Stairs

The stairs are ideal for sex, as you can either bend over and take it doggy style, or use them to support you as you ride him backwards. He'll have a full view of your bum and you bring him to climax and if you're lucky he may reach around to play with your clitoris or nipples too!

The Kitchen Counter

We don't all have an oasis in the middle of the kitchen where we can indulge, but this doesn't matter. As long as the kitchen counter has space for your bum it's the perfect height. If your partner is between 5 foot 10 and 6 foot 5 he'll find it ideal for standing whilst taking you as you sit on the edge of the counter. This takes the hard work from him as your weight is supported, yet still gives the impression of 'up the wall" sex.

The Toilet

Maybe not the most romantic of settings yet if you have children you'll know that this is one of the only rooms in the house you can lock the door without endless interruptions or questions. Let him sit on the loo (with the lid down) and straddle him, or ride him backwards. You may, if your bathroom is big enough, progress to doggy style, either way, you'll have your fill in a flash!

The Garden Shed/Garage

This is an ideal spot for a quickie and you can take control, grabbing your partner as they store the lawnmower or tinker with boys toys. Space maybe limited, but as long as you can place your hands and feet somewhere without sharp edges, you'll find a way or you can be very generous and offer oral sex instead.

The Car

When driving in the car. If you're a fan of al fresco sex, there are plenty of places you can pull over to have a little bit in private. You can straddle him on the driver's seat (watch out for the handbrake), pushing the seat back, or you can bend yourself over and let him have his wicked way. A day trip out will never feel the same again.