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Tonight, dear, I have a headache - Excuses to Avoid Sex

Tonight, dear, I have a headache - Excuses to Avoid Sex

Tonight, dear, I have a headache

By Tatyana Dyachenko

One in five Britons regularly make excuses to avoid sex. It's not just women either: around 27% of men admitted to making excuses, while only 18% of women admitted to fibbing to get out of foreplay. The top excuse offered up by our loveless nation: "Not tonight dear, I'm too tired".

Thanks to extended working hours and financial difficulty concerns, more and more Brits are breaking out of bed due to tiredness and stress. However, let's not be fooled: the ever-popular headache line is right there under stress and tiredness as the nation's third-favourite excuse.

Ironically, however, thanks to extensive medical studies carried out over the ten years, sex has been clinically proven to assist in alleviating migraines, boosting endorphins which help eradicate headaches, and generally having a positive affect which helps people to sleep soundly after a successful romp between the sheets.

James Couch, a neurology professor at Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre, discovered that 61% of women suffering from migraines experienced relief after a coital climax. That's pretty good, considering the leading migraine treatment and medicines only offer an expected effectiveness in 60% - 80% of headaches. In addition to these figures, Couch also discovered that some women also experienced immediate migraine relief thanks to knee-buckling orgasms.

While we know that orgasms trigger the release of endorphins and other pain-relieving hormones, it still isn't clear why sex cures headaches or why it helps us to relax and unwind – especially when we're stressed. In fact, some people have the opposite reaction with approximately 1% of men experience headaches caused by sex.

That being said, each individual headache sufferer can evaluate the relative success of their orgasmic activities on their every-day headaches. Some may find that it is a rather pleasant cure to their headache woes and who knows, in the future the top reason for having sex might be, 'Tonight dear, I have a headache!"