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Use Valentines as an Excuse to Experiment

Use Valentines as an Excuse to Experiment

Use Valentines as an Excuse to Experiment

By Ekaterina Mironova

Many men and women really want to explore a little in the bedroom but find it hard to introduce new things. They worry their partner may become offended, and they worry about being embarrassed when new toys are used. Amazingly there are still some women out there who have never experienced the thrill of having a simultaneous orgasm with their partner as they believe it’s their fault they can’t climax as easily as he can. On the other side of the coin there are men out there that would like to know what all the fuss is about with the male G-spot, but worry about bringing it up in case their partner thinks they’re gay.

If you handle it correctly, you can use Valentine’s Day to make sure you get what you want without offending your lover. Here’s how:

Buy the Usual

Don’t replace the hearts and flowers with sex toys. Still do what you normally would so your partner feels spoilt rotten. This could be chocolates, a great meal, underwear, flowers, a lovely card or whatever you usually do to show your other half you really care. Although some people believe Valentine’s is just a gimmick to entice us to part with our cash, it’s a gimmick that exploits the free benefits of live and we can all benefit from an extra orgasm or two!

Introduce Extras

Once you’ve romanced them with the meal or the massage, introduce the extras. If you’re embarrassed just tell them that while shopping you came across the gizmos, and the reviews tempted you to buy. Make it a game where you try things out together. Let them know it’s for one fun night only, this will protect their ego, however once you’ve won them round, and they’ll be the ones wanting more.

His and Hers

The best products to buy are sets that include toys for both him and her; this way you can ensure you receive the toys you want while he also benefits. Most his and her sex toy sets include male g-spot vibrators along with vibrators for women, along with extras such as cock rings and dildos so you can really have some fun.

Make it Sensual

You can also reduce the potential for hurting his or her feelings by choosing a set that explores sensuality rather than simply sex. There are many luxury weekender kits that include vibrators along with massage oils, bath foams and a whole array of other items that are guaranteed to make you feel sexy.

Let Someone Else do the Talking

You may think board games are for bored children on a rainy day however there are some great ones for adults only that allow you to explore fantasies and new ways to have sex with your partner. Simply add one to the package, play the game and let the cards do the talking for you!