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Most couples' sex life goes into a plunge during cold seasons. This should never be the case. Some of the tips for hotter sex when it is cold include; oiling up, having sex in a warm shower, and wearing socks.

The cold season doesn't necessarily mean your sex life should take a break. The hot weather has decided to drop doesn't mean that your sex life adheres to its game. You should be ahead and beat the cold to its own game. The cold season is the right time to be clingy to your partner and try to warm each other. You might end up exploring with your partner more than you expected. Try exploring some racy stuff that you've never thought of doing with your partner or yourself. Some of the ways you can have hotter sex when it is cold are;

Drink Hot Water or Tea Before Sex

You can carry some hot water or tea to the bedroom. Drink or wheeze it around the mouth, then go down on your partner and give them some head. The warmth in your mouth and tongue will stimulate your partner's genitals. It will make them have some prick sensation. This method will warm you up for sex quickly. The hotness always brings a great feeling for both men and women. This sensation will stimulate your sex regime and make you horny faster. After the foreplay, you can try some steamy sex with your partner. 

Cozy Up To Each Other

You can use your partner’s body to get some warmth. Spooning isn’t only for cuddling. Since it involves touching, you can try having spooning sex. The big spoon can place one hand on the breast while the other is under the neck of the small spoon. He can touch or gently stroke his partner's breast in a loving way. The legs should be twirled together. The smaller spoon will feel the penis rubbing on them and may create space for it to get through. This leaves the least possible skin that is exposed to cold. You can as well try knee-high socks to keep your feet warm. Most people believe that the chances of getting some orgasms and reaching the climax are high when her feet are warm. You should also make sure that you've covered yourself with a blanket on the sex regions.

Oil Up

Try and give your partner a massage by using oils. You can use flavored oils that have a wonderful smell. It would be best to use your hand to rub your partner's body. Rub the muscles and the joint areas gently. This will make them relax a bit. After you are done, you can exchange roles. This will help relax your mind and create the mood for some steamy sex. Use oils that cannot cause reactions or infections to your body parts. There are massage oil candles that you can also use. According to Halligudi, N., & Al Ojaili, M. (2013), the oil helps to improve the mood and calm the body. These candle oils warm at a minimum temperature; therefore can be used to keep one warm and prepare the mood for sex through the scented smell that will fill the room. Make sure your partner is comfortable with the massage oil before exploring it.

Warm Shower Sex

This seems like a great and exciting adventure. Shower sex is fun and can also be funny depending on what you do together. However, it would be best to choose a position that suits you and is comfortable for you. The doggy sex position is always the best one. You can bend down with your hand on the shower wall or the tub to establish some balance. The person behind you can clutch onto your waist or hips to establish some balance and help in penetration or thrusting. Be mindful that you are in the showers, do not get too comfortable, or else a little slip can be very dangerous. The floors will get wet and become slippery, so it is better to be on your footing. However, shower sex doesn't always have to lead to penetration. You can try oral sex and give your partner some head. You can also use sex toys, such as vibrators, that are waterproof on your partner. 

Take Some Peppermint Tea

It is always advisable to spice up your sex life. Don’t lead a monotonous old sex life; explore other sex positions and styles to avoid a boring sex life. You can try drinking some peppermint tea and go down on your partner during oral sex. The mint taste will contact the skin when given head, bringing out an exciting and tingly feeling. The mint helps stimulate the erogenous parts of the body, driving your partner crazy and making him horny quickly. The partner will be ready to get down to business and shake things up. You can change roles and also make your partner experience the same feeling. 


During the cold weather, the desire to be warm is always present. On several occasions, we put in more layers of clothes to feel warm. We are usually found at the corner seat bundled up, covered with a warm and big blanket. Sometimes the warmth we get from the clothes isn't always enough. We crave to have sex with our significant other, but the idea of undressing ourselves and ending up feeling cold is not very welcoming. During the cold weather, one always comes up with raunchy ideas to satisfy themselves and feel warm. On a hot day, you can never think of oiling yourself up. The mixture of sweat and the oil won't just feel right. However, in cold weather, it is always okay to oil up. Therefore, follow the above tips to experience hotter sex during cold weather.


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