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Types of Bras - Different Bra Types and Styles Explained

Types of Bras - Different Bra Types and Styles Explained

Types of Bras — Different Bra Types and Styles Explained

By Ksenia Sobchak

Types of Bras - Different Bra Types and Styles Explained

Gel Bras

Shop our amazing range of gel bras with Peaches and Screams. We have gel bras that can boost you up to two cup sizes. The new fashion accessory is the cleavage and if you want to get that look in the style of hit series Mad Men then we have a great range of gel bras to show you. Shop our range of gel bras today and get next day delivery off 90% of orders so you can make sure you’re prepared for your next big night out.

Types of Bras - Different Bra Types and Styles Explained

More on gel bras

When you want a boost in the right direction, having a bra with gel padding in is perfect. Comfortable and soft, all of these bras are able to be worn anywhere, any time. Ensuring a great shape and silhouette, we can assure you you won't be disappointed!

Gel bras are great in that they can increase your cup size by up to two sizes. The natural gel substance is softer than any padding and therefore creates a really natural look. If you want to show off a cleavage these gel bras are the perfect thing for it. They boost your cup size and they also make sure you have a really natural shape whilst looking slightly enhanced at the same time.

Strapless gel bras

If you have a smaller bust then you will know the perils of wanting a gel bra that isn’t going to make you appear flat chested. The very nature of a strapless bra means that the weight of your breasts is distributed evenly meaning you won’t have a cleavage. A strapless gel bra however works to combat that and the natural gel inserts will boost your breast from the sides distributing more weight in the middle and creating a cleavage. This is perfect for people that want a bra that is strapless without a massive amount of hold. More if you want a strapless gel bra so people can’t see your straps. A lot of people that haven’t tried a strapless gel bra will use their normal bra and fold down the straps as they find one without gel inserts doesn’t give them the shape they need. A strapless gel bra works to combat this.

Padded gel bras

If you are after a boost in your cup size but up to two sizes then a padded gel bra is the bra for you. Padded gel bras are basically padded bras with gel inserts that will increase your cup size by providing a natural looking cushion for your own breast to sit on making it sit higher and therefore creating the illusion of a cleavage, this type of look so perfect if you are flat chested and wearing a dress on a night out where you want to create the illusion of curves. A padded gel bra is perfect for a boyish figure.

Balconette Bras

Balconette bras are a very popular choice for all figures and body shapes. The high front works like a half cup bra and has the ability to offer support and shape for a smaller breast as well as control a larger bust. Balconette bras were previously though of as only for a smaller bust as they act as a push up bra making the most of smaller breasts and previously caused a spilling out effect. However, the improving technology for plus sizes has meant that there are now balconette bras for plus sized figures that are effective at offering a great shape and control.

Types of Bras - Different Bra Types and Styles Explained

More on Balconette Bras

Balconette bras in a great range of sizes and styles that suit all body types, from Peaches and Screams. Balconette bras are no longer just a thing for smaller busts with a growing range of balconnette bras perfectly designed for a larger bust offering shape and control and a fantastic cleavage!

Balconette bras are perfect for you if you have a bigger bust. They distribute the weight of the breasts evenly giving a full shape without a pushed together effect which would be too artificial looking and would cause a spill over if you were not wearing a balconette style bra. It doesn’t mean you are limited to balconette bras, you can still go for a half cup bra or something sexy you just need a straight across shape rather than a bra that has a low front or a plunge.

Balconette bras are great for creating a sexy look as part of a sexy set. If you have a smaller bust you can go for either a balconette bra or any other type of bra as your breasts are not too big for either style. Be aware if you have a smaller bust that a balconette bra will push up but not push together. If you have a wide set cleavage you need a bra that will push you together and up slightly but a balconette bra works much better for a fuller bust because by nature the breasts are quite pushed together and therefore a balconette bra will work with your natural shape and just make you bust look rounder if they are lower on your chest.

If you are older and you have lost some elasticity in your chest then a balconette bra is a great option. If the top of your breasts has lost tissue and the majority of the weight of your breasts is at the bottom then a balconette bra can help to create a fuller appearance without wrinkling the skin as much as another bra, as a balconette bra offers natural support it will lift and enhance what you have without creating a false pushed up look.

Strapless Bras

Here at Peaches and Screams we have a great range of strapless bras perfect for you no matter what you are wearing. Our strapless bras are great for keeping you in place whether you have a small or a big bust so you can dance the night away and your bra doesn’t move whilst you do. A great strapless bra is a lingerie draw staple, strapless bras from a variety of brands in a number of colours. so shop our range of strapless bras.

Types of Bras - Different Bra Types and Styles Explained

More on strapless bras

Shopping for strapless bras?

Strapless bras for every occasion at Peaches and Screams! Whether you require black, nude or white due to their invisible nature when worn under clothes you cannot go wrong with a strapless bra. How many times have you been prepared to wear your favourite dress and realised you haven’t the right bra to go with it and had to wear something else? Well a strapless bra makes for the perfect option with the ability to be invisible under clothes and show no unsightly straps. These versions are fantastic as they also give you the shape you need as well as boosting your assets and the technology used ensures these bras stay up as long as you do! Get rid of those awful bra straps with our fantastic range of strapless bras.

We recommend the Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless for a perfect 'stay up' bra! All of our strapless bras are of a very high quality and are great value for money; don't miss out on yours today. Hold up all day long without any straps with our fantastic range of super support strapless bras!

Our favourite strapless bra is the Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless bra which just doesn’t budge no matter how much dancing you are doing. In fact most women say this is the only bra they would wear. The five finger technology in this strapless bra gives you the feeling that you are holding yourself up and therefore offers the most reliable and comfortable support.

Strapless bras are great if you have a smaller bust they can be worm with a number of different items, you will really notice a difference in a vest top or t-shirt not having your straps showing. It gives a much cleaner silhouette and shows off those lovely collar bones. If you have a larger bust don’t despair we have sourced some great strapless bras for you that you won’t have to hoik up once and won’t end up around your waist by the end of the night!

Half Cup Bras

We have a great range of half cup bras for you to browse here at Peaches and Screams. Have a look at our sexy and sophisticated half cup bras and tell us which ones you like best. We have half cup bras from the world’s most famous brands and all of your favourites so you can be sure to find something you like.

Types of Bras - Different Bra Types and Styles Explained

More On Half Cup Bras

Half cup bras are similar to demi bras in that they offer less coverage than a normal bra or balcony bra. The coverage is just half a cup and therefore only covers half of the breast. Half cups are a sexy alternative to a balcony bra. Typically half cup bras are straight across just as a balconette bra is but they offer less coverage and therefore show more of the breast. This is usually a popular choice for someone with a small chest and usually people with a bigger bust require the full protection form a full balcony bra. A half cup bra is ideal for anybody up to a D cup. There are however more half cup bras from brands that specialise in plus size bras that allow you to wear a half cup bra even though you have a fuller bust.

Padded Bras

Padded bras for every occasion at Peaches and Screams, we all know that some people require different levels of padding. Some people like a small boost enough to cover any sins in a t-shirt whereas some people rely on a padded bra to give them the shape they need. A great padded bra can boost your assets by up to two cup sizes or If you prefer something with light padding then we have a great range of comfortable padded bras fro you also. Sop our range of padded bras with Peaches and Screams.

Types of Bras - Different Bra Types and Styles Explained

More on padded bras

Padded bras can do a lot for a boyish figure. If you have smaller assets and would like to boost them then not just the padding but the shape of the padded bra is also important. Typically depending on your shape you will require a certain type of bra, if you have wider breasts that a wider rather across your chest rather than sitting low on your chest (which is usually the case with someone with a bigger bust) then you require a plunge type bra which will encourage a natural cleavage as it will mean that your cleavage will join together and therefore give a rounder appearance. Padded bras are great for this especially if they have a plunge shape. The plunge shape pushes together and the padding means that the full shape stays and is given a gentle boost.

If you have breasts that sit lower down then a balconnette bra is the one for you. These padded bras give you a lift upwards and also give you the padding that you need that increases your bust size.

Our guide to purchasing a padded bra is to consider your natural shape. If you require a padded bra to push your breasts together because you are wider set and the weight of your chest is at the sides then you want a padded bra that is a plunge bra. This will create a cleavage and bring them together. If you have lost some elasticity in your chest and therefore the top of your breasts don’t have much weight and all of the weight of your chest is at the bottom then you need padded bras that will lift up your chest creating a fuller look so for that you want a balcony bra. If the weight of your chest is quite evenly distributed then any padded bras will work for you. Just make sure you choose something that isn’t too tight and will create the most natural looking cleavage.

Boost your confidence and bust with the help of our amazing padded bras. All specifically designed to create a fantastic shape and increase your bust size, all of our bras are fantastic. With some increasing your cup size by up to 2 sizes, and others just by a small, noticeable mount, our padded bras are definitely for you!

T-Shirt Bras

Shop our great range of t-shirt bras here and you will find something you love. Whether you are bigger busted and require something without any padding that is minimising and comfortable or whether you like a small amount of light padding to look great under your t-shirt then we have the right t-shirt bra for you.

Types of Bras - Different Bra Types and Styles Explained

More On T-Shirt Bras

T shirt bras are designed specifically not to show under clothing, even light and delicate clothing, they have a subtle, smooth design and are well fitting in order to minimise any possible show through. They are perfect for wearing to work or other occasions where you want your bra to remain as inconspicuous as possible! With such a comfortable fit they are perfect for everyday wear. You may like to stock up on a few as you can never have too many of these classics! T-shirts bras are a great everyday must have for any woman! You can never have too many!

Our favourite t-shirt bras cover a wide range of sizes and we have selected the perfect t-shirt bras no matter your size so that you can find something that suits you and will look great in whatever you wear.

The best t-shirt bra will fit you perfectly encompassing your whole breast and making sure you have a natural shape. A light padding is usually on our t-shirt bras which just makes sure nothing is visible in even the lightest clothing. We love t-shirt bras for every day and anybody with any size cup can wear them.

Multiway Bras

Shop our great range of multiway bras. Multiway bras are perfect for every occasion. No longer should you worry whether you have the correct bra for a certain dress as this bra does everything you need. We have carefully selected the best multiway bras below for you. Find your perfect multiway bra in our great range with many colours and styles to be found. We love multiway bras and think it’s the one bra every woman should own.

Types of Bras - Different Bra Types and Styles Explained

Multiway Bras

A multiway bra is every girl’s answer to a wardrobe dilemma. Wear any style of dress, as your underwear is no longer a problem. One shouldered, halterneck, low back, strapless, the list of how you can wear this bra is endless. Multiway bras are amazing for special occasions, and especially when you're not sure if you want to wear straps on the big day or not. For a multiway bra that can be worn over 100 different ways; Wonderbra's Multiplunge Bra is truly amazing! There's nothing worse than ugly bra straps showing on a night out. Be classy and sophisticated in strapless/backless/one shouldered dresses, and with no straps showing due to our amazing range of multiway bras!

Multiway bras are the perfect bra to have in your lingerie draw and we are firm believers that with lingerie there are certain bras such as multiway bras where it is worth investing in a good one to be able to keep it for years. There will always be an occasion for a multiway bra when you least expect it and if you have invested in a great multiway bra then you can be sure that you don’t have to buy one again for many years. It will always be there for when you need it. Although a multiway bra may not be what you want to wear everyday it is definitely important to have in your lingerie draw.

Balcony Bras

Balcony bras and balconette bras are perfect for everyday wear, with the shape and look they provide being subtle and feminine. Many of the most fashionable bras are that of a balcony bra style, along with them suiting almost any shape.

Types of Bras - Different Bra Types and Styles Explained

More on balcony bras

The balcony bra is similar to a half cup bra in that it is cut straight across and therefore is perfect for tops that are a scoop neck or for lower square necks. If your top is lower and you are wearing a normal bra the top of your bra where it connects to the strap will be showing. Don’t think that because of this you need to buy a bra for every occasion as just a couple of staple styles can see you through. The balcony bra can be worn with a number of different styles of tops and under your regular t-shirt and are comfy enough to wear every day especially if you have a larger bust. The balcony bra also known as a balconette bra is cut straight across to evenly distribute the support to your breasts. This creates the illusion of a fuller breast however without the pushed together cleavage you would get with a plunge bra. A balcony bra provides you with not only the solution to low cut tops but also the correct support. Your breasts are supported from the bottom meaning that they effectively have a shelf to rest on providing the most comfort. A more natural looking cleavage is achieved and more of a fuller bust which is desirable if your bust is larger. If you do wear low cut tops then balcony bras are the perfect option for you.

Our favourite balcony bra is the Gossard Desire Bra Inspired by gorgeous 1950's tailoring the Desire Bra has underlying seduction and sensuality that will make you feel like a pin up super star from that decade. Fine details will keep appearing to you the more you look at this beautiful bra. Satin covered removable straps ensure you feel fabulous and make the bra very versatile. The hem is finished by a delicate scalloped edge and the gorgeous polka dot pattern brings a playful edge.

Non-Wired Bras

Shop our range of non-wired bras with Peaches and Screams. We have a great range of non-wired bras for you to browse. We have carefully selected the best non-wired bras for all day comfort. The type of bra you don’t want to take off at the end of the day which looks great under a t-shirt and even the lightest clothing. Shop our great range of non-wired bras.

Types of Bras - Different Bra Types and Styles Explained

More on non-wired bras

Non Wired bras are perfect if you are looking for a comfortable bra. With added support, they still keep you firmly in place just as good as an underwired bra! A non-wired bra is a great way to stay comfortable all day long. They are both very supportive and soft for any bust size. Triumph provides the best in non-wired bras with super soft fabric and strong support. They have no padding or underwiring so you will feel like you barely anything on! Guaranteed comfort all day long.

Non wired bras come in a variety of styles whether you prefer a non-wired bra with no padding or a padded non-wired bra. A non-wired bra with padded offers extra comfort and also ensure you can wear your non-wired bra with any type of clothing without being able to see anything underneath and protecting your modest. If you prefer a non-wired bra that doesn’t have any padding then we can cater for you too. Non wired bras have to have the correct support for your breasts like a normal bra would for everyday wear and so invest in a good non-wired bra from a well-known brand so that you can make sure you have the correct support bra.

Teen Bras

Shop our great range of teen bras. Find your perfect teenage bra with Peaches and Screams. We have a great range of bras for teenagers that are light and soft and perfect for someone who is growing to give support but not too much shape. Teen bras have to be light and supportive and also need to offer the correct support. It is better not to have push up bras or wires if you are developing and so we have consulted with the experts and carefully selected the best teen bras for you.

More on teen bras

Teen bras are completely soft and designed for comfort when worn under clothes. These bras are soft enough you could almost sleep in them and with there cotton material they are breathable also meaning comfort beyond measure. A teen bra is brilliant for gentle exercise although they are not recommended for vigorous sports if they are not a specific sports bra. Teen bras are also useful as training bras for teens whose breasts are developing as they protect the growing breast tissue whilst also offering support. They don’t restrict the growth of the breasts which is ideal for growing women.

Plunge Bras

Get the look you desire with a Plunge Bra! We have a wide selection of plunge bras from Gossard and Wonderbra which will enhance your natural shape and make you feel and look gorgeous. Shop our great range of plunge bras. We have a fantastic selection of carefully selected plunge bras from your favourite brands for you to choose form so shop our plunge bras today

Types of Bras - Different Bra Types and Styles Explained

The Perfect Plunge Bra

Plunge bras

Plunge bras are very similar to a push up bra but without the padding and offers great support. Perfect for day or night they are your life saver under a low cut top , try our selection now for a perfect appearance plus a comfortable fit.
Plunge bras are great for low neck tops to give a sexy, voluptuous look. Plunge bras come in a variety of colours, styles and fabrics and are suitable for most body types and shapes. Plunge bras are designed to give lift, support and shape to create that fantastic cleavage. Every body shape looks great with a cleavage enhancing bra. Even if you don’t like to show off your cleavage a great bust enhancing bra can improve the look of your silhouette in clothes too. To create that hourglass figure if you are slim and boyish then a plunge bra is essential to create that added shape to your figure. Hourglass figures will also benfit from wearing a plunge bra as will apple and pear shapes. If you have a fuller bust choose a plunge bra that isn’t padded or has light padding so that you can choose the amount of cleavage you have. Plunge bras are made now for larger figures by some of the worlds best brands with the technology to improve comfort and the look of a plunge bra on a larger bust. If you are pear shaped a cleavage enhancing plunge bra is great to balance out your bottom heavy figure.

Our favourite Plunge bra is the Gossard Superboost Satin Plunge Bra you can create fabulous cleavage in this bright and beautiful bra from Gossard. Gossard have taken the number one Superboost Satin Plunge Bra, crafted to perfection in the usual Gossard high standards, and produced a gorgeous fuchsia version. Now you can get fun and flirty in this fabulous colour. Let the smooth cups sculpt you a perfect shape and make the bra versatile with the removable straps.

Seamless Bras

Shop our great range of seamless bras. We have seamless bras for all shapes and sizes our seamless bras are perfect to wear under tight fitting clothing as you can’t see you are wearing a bra but you get all the support you require from wearing a bra. It is the perfect no bra alternative. Browse our seamless bras below and you will see our carefully selected seamless bras from great brands. Not many people do a seamless bra well and so we have chosen the best.

Types of Bras - Different Bra Types and Styles Explained

More on seamless bras

Seamless bras at a great value at Peaches and Screams wear these bras with any top or dress and you are guaranteed not to see a seam. Made from incredibly soft material can feel comfort and support but without the tell-tale straps meaning your silhouette is streamlined and without any lumps or bumps.

Seamless bras are perfect for wearing under tights fitting clothing and so get rid of that seam for a smooth silhouette. We recommend choosing a good seamless bra as because by nature they are no tired and without seams they often don’t have full support and so you must choose one form a good brand to ensure you get the correct support especially if you have a bigger bust. We have carefully chosen our seamless bras to make sure you have the best possible options available.

Mastectomy Bras

Here at Peaches and Screams we surveyed our customers who bought mastectomy bras, and we found that bras with no wiring, yet still a good amount of support were the best. Sports bras offer this comfort, also the ever so popular Triumph Doreen Bra, a favourite by many! Shop our mastectomy bras below. We have a great range of soft bras without wiring that offer you the support you need.

Types of Bras - Different Bra Types and Styles Explained

Mastectomy Bras

Shop our range of mastectomy bras here at Peaches and Screams and we can offer you the advice of what we need. We have chosen the best mastectomy bras that can offer you lightweight support and also soft comforting material that will feel comforting on the tender muscle. Although our bras don’t have the ability to insert prosthesis into a shelf inside the bra we have chosen bras that a lightweight padding could be put into to create a more even look. For mastectomy bras with shelves for prosthesis have a look on online guide for people who have had surgery it should have a guideline to what bras you can choose and then you can search for the particular bra.

Minimiser Bra

We have a great range of carefully selected minimiser bras which are perfect for reducing the size of a larger bust and are able to minimise the size of the bust which giving you the correct support you need.

Minimiser bras from Peaches and Screams are designed to reduce the appearance of your bust size.

Types of Bras - Different Bra Types and Styles Explained

The Perfect Minimiser Bra

Minimiser bras do not create a cleavage and rather distribute the support evenly over the bust instead of pulling them in together. By distributing the breast tissue away from the front and just towards your underarm area, a minimiser bra creates the illusion of a smaller bust. One of the great benefits of wearing a minimiser bra is it gives your a better silhouette under your clothes. While they may come either with underwire or as a soft cup bra, minimiser bras give you much-needed support with there comfortable cushioned straps and stronger - sometimes wider - side and back bands to make you feel more comfortable as you wear them. A great alternative is a seamless minimiser bra which means which creates the perfect silhouette under your clothes without the tell tale straps showing under your clothes. The perfect minimiser bra should offer you support and comfort as well as reducing the appearance of a larger bust so you are looking for luxurious materials with great support in the straps to ensure you are comfortable all day. We choose our minimiser bras carefully with you in mind.

Our favourite minimiser bra is the Berlei Solutions Seamfree Microfibre Bra which looks like you aren’t even wearing a bra under your clothes. The Solutions Seamfree Microfibre Bra by Berlei is fantastic for those with a larger bust. Maybe you need to be that little bit smoother for that perfect dress? Or you feel more comfortable looking smoother? This bra is perfect for you. Seamless and supportive, this bra can be worn for any occasion, and the soft fabric ensures maximum comfort.

Long Line Bras

Shop our gorgeous range of long line bras from your favourite brands. We have carefully selected our favourite long line bras which are perfect for every occasion. We have long line bras for bridal wear and also long line plunge bras as well as long line strapless bras.

Have a browse of our long line bras below and we will be sure to have what you are looking for. We love long line bras for their retro look so make sure you are on trend with our great long line bras!

Types of Bras - Different Bra Types and Styles Explained

More On Long Line Bras

A long line bra is a bra which includes a partial corset, typically extending to the bottom of the ribcage. Many lingerie stores stock long line bras with the vintage revival as they are a very popular style as they shape the figure as well as creating cleavage without the restrictiveness of a full corset. The design of a long line bra is designed to perform several functions one of these being enhancing the silhouette in clothing to eliminate any lumps and bumps and also giving the appearance of a fuller cleavage. They are also great for your posture, by providing a lot of back support, as they are lightly boned. In addition, of course, these bras support the breasts, with the design tending to push them upwards, creating deeper cleavage and a fuller look. The vintage revival means a long line bra is a staple for your lingerie draw not only are they beautiful alone they will also make you feel gorgeous and super confident! What more could you want?

Front Fastening Bras

For a great range of front fastening bras you have come to the right place! Front fastening bras are so much easier to get on and off as you don’t have to reach behind your back and can easily hook and unhook. If you would like to look for front fastening bras just have a look below as we have selected the best of the front fastening bras for you.

This is the ideal style of bra if you find getting them on and off a hassle.

Types of Bras - Different Bra Types and Styles Explained

More On Front Fastening Bras

Front Fastening bras are convenient, easy and comfortable. These easy fastening bras are great for all occasions, and our selection below ranges from everyday comfort to evening glamour. Soft and comfortable, we've found the best front fastening bras of the moment for you! Open front bras are a fantastic alternative to your standard bra. With our bras ranging from size 32A to 44D and 42F, we hope you can find the perfect one! Whether you want a front fastening bra for convenience or to be sexy, we've got it covered! Please feel free to give us a call if you need any help at all regarding front fastening bras and sizing etc.

Halterneck Bras

Shop your favourite halterneck bras at Peaches and Screams. We have a great range of halterneck bras which you can transform into every style of bra.

We like to find you great halterneck bras that you can choose to transform into whatever style of bra that you like so you get your money’s worth out of these great halterneck bras!

Types of Bras - Different Bra Types and Styles Explained

More on halterneck bras

Our favourite halterneck bras can be found here. Halterneck bras are perfect for every occasion as they are versatile when wearing a dress and easily hidden. The very nature of the straps round the neck causes a push up effect which is perfect if you have a smaller bust to push up and create cleavage where needed. If you have a smaller bust a halterneck bikini is great for the beach and the perfect style to create the illusion of an hourglass figure if you are more of a boyish frame.

Backless Bras

Backless bras, low back bras and multi way bras are the most important wardrobe staple. How many times have you put on your dress or top to go out and realised that you don’t have a bra that won’t show and is completely the wrong colour?

Shop our great range of backless bras below and you will find we have a great range of backless bras for you to have a look at all from your favourite brands!

Types of Bras - Different Bra Types and Styles Explained

Backless Bra Functions

If you always have one great backless bra it means that you can wear any bra for any occasion giving you support and shape but being completely invisible. The main things you are looking for when buying a backless bra are versatility and functionality. Our motto at Peaches and Screams is to buy a great wardrobe staple bra for every occasion. So if you’re bra is strapless it means nights out are no longer a nightmare you can wear that backless dress without having to worry whether its showing or having to bother with sticky tape! The backless bras above are the perfect selection for you to choose from and cover a wide range of sizes if you would like to make a feature of the back of your bra rather than showing an ugly strap then a bra with a diamante back is perfect and will go with any dress due to the clear rather than colour diamantes. If you don’t want a completely backless bra, maybe you are a lady with a larger bust then a multiway bra is perfect for you. Not only can you wear the bra in many different ways as well as with a low back it also means that you have the ability to have the extra support and no visible strap at the back! So whether you are looking to make a feature of your backless bra or you are hoping to hide it completely then we have the solution for you.

Our favourite of the backless bras is the Splendour Diamante Backless Bra, you can party in style with a stunning backless dress and this fabulous backless bra. The front fastening and halterneck strap means it is easy to put on, and the diamante straps give it that little something extra!

Types of Bras - Different Bra Types and Styles Explained