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What Is Tantra? Definition of Tantric Sex

What Is Tantra? Definition of Tantric Sex

What Is Tantra?

By Ekaterina Mironova

Tantric sex is seen as a ‘mystical art’, associated with meditation, yoga and Sting being able to bonk for hours. But what is it really? And why do people enjoy it? Here we will take a look at the very basics of tantric sex.

Definition of Tantric Sex

Tantric sex or ‘Neotantra’ are names used for the practice of ‘sacred sexuality’, or modern forms of the ancient Eastern practice of Tantra. Using sex as a method to come closer to one’s true spiritual essence or erotic consciousness can expand the individuals understanding of themselves and their place in the world, as well as improve relationships and health.

Pure Tantra is based in concepts of connectedness and this is why it can be practiced through meditation and yoga, with sex as just one expression of universal one-ness. The word ‘Tantra’ is Sanskrit, the ancient language of Hinduism.

How can we use it?

Tantric sex can help us to become more present in our day to day lives, through practicing consciousness and connectedness with ourselves and our partners. We can learn to have more fulfilling and longer-lasting orgasms too! Any spiritual practice that encourages awareness and helps us to come to a greater understanding of the art of living may be of use to us in all areas of our lives, including the sexual.

How do we do it?

Many teachers offer advice on tantric sex through private sessions, classes, websites and books. Learning about Tantric sex can be a long process that involves coming to awareness of ourselves in many ways; through our emotional lives, sexual lives, spiritual lives and daily living. A focus on breath is prominent in Tantric teachings. Tantra can be learnt as an individual, with a partner or a group. Ideas around learning to extend and heighten orgasm are based in the ability to be more closely aware of all unfolding events and therefore have more direct input into them.

Why bother?

Tantric sex can be a great way to learn more about your spiritual and sexual self, and that of partners. It can also heighten enjoyment of sex and deepen connection with ourselves and others. Some Tantric experts refer to common-or-garden orgasms as ‘sexual sneezes’, and encourage practices that can lead to ‘full body’ orgasms. As with any profound learning, those learning Tantra may come up against deeply held fears that restrict their lives, and unlocking these issues can be a challenging if rewarding process.

Where to begin?

If you would like to start learning about Tantric sex, begin by adopting a meditation practice in daily life. Meditating for only a few minutes a day is clinically proven to have huge benefits for health and vitality. Once this connection with stillness and presence is established, you will find it much easier to begin to learn the habits, practices and lessons of Tantric sex.