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What Puts Women Off A Man?

What Puts Women Off A Man?

What Puts Women Off A Man?

By Ksenia Sobchak

A recent survey was conducted which detailed the top turn offs for women. If you’re thinking about giving a unique gift this Christmas the best thing you can do is to make sure you don’t fall into any of these categories. It’s only polite and it shows you care.

Bad Breath

This can be difficult as some people don’t even realise they have the problem and unless you’re completely in tune with your partner, they’ll never actually tell. They will however shy away from kisses and maybe turn their head as you speak closely.

To check if you have bad breath simply lick the back of your hand and wait for your saliva to dry this will give an indication of if you’re suffering or not. If you are conscious about this always carry mints, make sure you visit the dentist regularly and keep up a great oral hygiene routine.

Of course there are evenings were garlic may play a part, in this case just make sure she eats some too.

Cigarette Breath

We’re not about to preach to you about smoking, you’re a grown adult (we hope) and know the dangers and health risks. If you do smoke however and your partner doesn’t you may want to ensure you try to neutralise odours after each puff. Parsley is great for this or mints, or switching to menthol cigarettes.


You may find it wonderful and comforting when you can break wind in front of your partner without being embarrassed as it’s all part of a natural bodily function. Yet however much your partner pretends not to mind, she’s lying. If the noise doesn’t make her cringe, the smell definitely will, and you expect her to put her head down there later? You’ve got to be kidding!

Stale Alcohol

Have you ever visited a pub at 9am? If you did you may find that your stomach turns and you gag regardless of if you had any alcohol the night before. This is because stale alcohol reminds us of dirty tramps that have an excuse as they don’t have the facilities to clean up. You do though, so please if you wake with a mouth like a hippos backside and your skin has absorbed enough Baby Cham for a teenagers party, step in the shower before making your move.

Cheesy Feet

We all suffer from sweaty feet at some point, whether it’s after a workout, during the summer or because of thick socks in the winter, however there’s no reason to advertise the fact.

If you know your feet are bound to smell take your socks off in the bathroom and give them a wash or a wipe. Leave your feet bare so they can breathe. Also many shoes can be responsible such as trainers or cheap footwear that doesn’t allow oxygen o flow, so see if you notice one pair that makes your feet smell worse than the others and throw them out!

Fake Tan

Only Essex girls love a fake tan, the rest of the UK worry that you spend more time in the bathroom than we do. It’s not so bad when it looks natural but orange streaks are very off putting. Why not book a couple’s winter sun holiday for Christmas and get a bit of the real thing instead? Of course, wear sunscreen and be careful with UV rays, blah blah blah.