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Why Older Women Have Sex with Younger Men

Why Older Women Have Sex with Younger Men

An older woman may have sex with younger men because younger men have more stamina in the bedroom and younger men are approaching older women

Men were supposed to be more of everything than women for a long time. For a man to be ideal for most women, he had to be taller, older, richer, and everything more than the woman. It was acceptable for a woman to have sex with an older man, but the reverse does not make sense to most people. Why would a woman have sex with a younger man? Most people wonder. Read on to find out the reasons why a woman would have sex with a younger man;

The younger men are approaching older women.

The older men seek younger women while the younger men seek older women. No one can blame the older for not rejecting the younger men's advances. Therefore, we need to wonder why younger men are seeking older women. The main reason is that the younger man imagines that the woman being older means that she is more experienced in sex than the younger woman, Bailey, et al., (2016). The reason why men seek women, generally, is motivated by sex. The men are looking for women who will fulfill their fantasies, and some younger men have figured out that the older woman is the best pick. That's why some men have a fetish for prostitutes, Pruitt, et al., (2010). They want someone who can give good sex. They assume that a woman's age will align with the experience that she has garnered over the years. The younger man may most probably be wrong for making that assumption, but still, that's for the younger man having a fetish for the older woman to find out. And if the younger man has great sex with one older woman, he'll always yearn for an older woman. It only takes one older woman for a man to develop a life-long fetish toward older women.

Younger Men Have More Stamina in the Bedroom

An older woman usually wants more sex than they did when they were younger. They also have more orgasms, they are sexually insatiable, and the woman makes age-mates who cannot cope. Some women are married or are dating older men. The sex may be too slow, and the rounds may be too few for them (Kleinplatz et al., 2009). When you need a lot of sex while your partner needs a lot of sleep, you'll have to find an alternative and the best choice is usually a younger man with raging hormones. Some women do not want to starve sexually because their husbands are struggling with all sorts of sexual dysfunctions, and that's why they will yearn to get into bed with a younger man. 

Younger Men Are More Sexually Adventurous

Older men are sexually conservative. They wouldn't dare allow oral sex and sex toys in the bedroom. But the younger man usually does not disappoint. The younger man has grown at a time when there are no boundaries in the bedroom, including the boundaries that the older man has set. If the woman has fantasies that the older man cannot fulfill, she can get them fulfilled by a younger man. 

Being with a Younger Man is Flattering

Especially if he's faithful, of all the billions of young women that the younger man could have been, he chose the older woman that probably had grey hair. When a younger man is attracted to an older woman, her self-esteem is bound to be boosted. The older men want the younger women, and the younger men want the older women. It's a draw. No one should complain.


The older woman has probably heard about the younger man's energy in the bedroom. The curiosity draws her nearer and nearer to younger men because she wants to know if the rumors, she has heard are true. Even if she'd have sworn that she would never have sex with a younger man, all she'll need is one sexual experience with a younger man to change her mind. 


The younger man is vibrant, flexible, and excited about life and is, therefore, can be willing to take on an adventure with her. Sometimes romance involves some traveling, and older men cannot pack bags on short notice for a trip with a woman because they are physically worn out. An older man only wants to have sex once in a while and sleep. They are tired. In the meantime, the woman might be yearning for some romance, and that's why the younger man comes in handy.

For Friendships with Benefits

A younger man might be seeking someone to take care of his bills. Suppose the older woman is willing to get into that kind of relationship so that she may take care of her insatiable sex level. In that case, there's nothing that should stop them from getting together because they will both benefit. Friendships with benefits are a kind of "no-strings-attached" amities where they deal with each other as if it were a business transaction. Most people who get into no-strings-attached relationships try not to be emotionally attached to their partners because they usually have someone else with whom they share a serious relationship. (Segovia et al., 2019).

The Older Woman Might be Looking for a Sperm Donor

She may be interested in having sex with a man so that she may get pregnant. Younger men are usually too excited sometimes even to notice that they might have gotten a woman pregnant. He is looking for fun and not a baby. His sperms are healthy, and they don't have to keep trying for pregnancy like she's had to do with an older man struggling with low sperm count.


According to Fisher et al. (2019), older women have sex with younger men for different reasons, but the most valid reason is they have sex with younger men because they can. Not long ago, women would have sex for procreation and satisfy their men. When they got older, their men would seek younger women to have sex with. It's flattering for a woman when she thinks her man was going for a younger woman because he didn't find her attractive anymore, and when she steps out, she meets a younger man who finds her attractive. That alone would be good enough a reason for her to have sex with the younger man.


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