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Men are known to keep their secrets, especially away from the women in their lives. Although people have different wants and desires, some particular attitudes and moves that are meaningful to most men. That's why you should learn the tips if you want to please him in bed. Doing this will help your intimate relationship stay stronger. This article guides the best techniques to please and satisfy him. Let’s read on to find out more.

Techniques for satisfying your man

Improve your blowjob skills

Literally, if you can blow his mind using your oral techniques, be sure he'll return the favor, and you'll love it. Giving him a fantastic head isn't real when equipping with information from great reads. It needs proper practice and putting the read techniques to work. Your man will definitely like it if you inform when practicing on him. But, it’s best to do that using a peeled banana, then later try on him.

Initiate sex

Please your man today by initiating sex because they're mostly the ones doing it. Try this by giving clear suggestions that you madly need him. For instance, directly ask if it's the right moment for sex or strip and walk to him naked. You can time him, so he finds you busy masturbating, or let him know that you'll be having sex immediately he gets home from work. Making the first move helps relieve the pressure from him, and he'd feel adored and desired.

Handle his balls

A man’s balls and scrotum are extremely sensitive due to the availability of numerous nerves. That's why they're called erogenous zones. Therefore, remember them when going down on him. You can also work on them when stroking with free hands. Use positions that can allow fondling those balls to make him feel heavenly.

Actively take part during sex

How does it feel connecting with a silent and still partner during intimacy? Honestly, it’s good to be active during intercourse. Let it happen even at the beginning by being the initiator of that moment. Breath heavily, take different positions, and switch roles. Additionally, you can wrap your legs around him, scratch his body, or do something else. Show enthusiasm signs for you to be good in bed.

Involve his whole body

Most people focus mainly on the genitals during sex and forget that the body contains various other erogenous zones. Please don't forget that your entire body can be more sensual when you're horny. That means simple touches and caresses can increase the sensation and give more stimulation. Move those hands over his back, chest, arms, and scratch his hair. Using your long nails, you can give some little pain and grab his bum.

Change to a new sex style

Enhance your sexual abilities by learning new sex positions to make you tough in bed. You need to understand your man’s best and most enjoyable sex positions because different guys vary when styles are concerned. Perhaps he enjoys going on top or vice versa. The best way to realize this is by asking him. However, it’s not the only way to find out. You can just try and see his reaction to know if he’s pleased or not.

Continue varying

Lack of variation in a sexual relationship brings boredom, which is the beginning of a fail. Among the most common novelties is sexual fantasies. There's renewed sexual behavior among various human beings in reaction to novelty. Variation accompanies the need to try out new stuff almost always. Though it doesn't suggest, you overlook the current tips that are doing well. Go for new and exciting things to add to what exists.

Talk dirty

Almost every man, if not all, love it when their girl talks dirty in bed. That means you're missing out if that's not a part of you. The name may suggest speaking shit, but it doesn't have to be that way all the time. It simply means being overly sexual, so don't be fooled. Such talks have an advantage in developing a small world between you two.

Let him play with your bum

Picture this mood: you’re enjoying your sex session and don’t want it to end. The only thing you want is pleasure and more of it. What comes next? Well, tell him to finger your ass or spank the booty. It'll feel great if he agrees. This technique is more of pleasing yourself than gratifying him, and it's perfectly fine because he's taking part. That's because most men wish to explore anal play, but never get the chance to try.


The simplest way to express your fantasies is through roleplaying. Different people differ in sexual fantasies ranging from dom or sub and schoolgirl or headmaster. However, this is great for expressing your inner desires and will satisfy both of you.

Change the venue

Switching to a different sex location from the usual bedroom or kitchen is an easy way to please your man. Think of the shower, beach, woods, somewhere that risks being caught, or lifted. Only ensure whatever location chosen should violate the law.

Touch his prostate

The prostate is mostly overlooked in a man for stimulation. It’s a pleasurable organ, thus sensible to give it attention. Be informed that this part can be reached through his anus for more arousal.

Inform him of when and where to ejaculate

Did you know you can control your man’s orgasms? Most men think you prefer them to last in bed, not knowing sometimes you’re just comfortable if they cum at a particular place. So, ask him to cum and make it better by showing the exact place he can pour.

Heighten the intensity when he’s almost cumming

Are pain and pleasure a thing for your man? Well, scratch, pinch, or bite him when he's orgasming. Your intensity to all these depends on his tolerance to pain. It's satisfying if he can withstand it.

Do something with his cum

Be playful with your man’s cum. You can rub your body with it or lick if you have the courage. This will definitely look hot, and he'll love it.