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Why We Love Women’s Nightwear (and You Should Too!)

Why We Love Women's Nightwear (and You Should Too!)

Why We Love Women's Nightwear (and You Should Too!)

By Ksenia Sobchak

Getting into bed after a long day is so relaxing for so many people. However, the outfits worn into bed also have a great impact on your mood before you slip under the covers. For women, nightwear varies and with so many options it is sometimes a bit challenging to get something that is better than another. However, since there is no law about having various options in the closet, here are a few night wear that will have you feeling great as you slip under the covers.

Why We Love Women’s Nightwear (and You Should Too!)

Matching Pajamas

This has been the age old wear since childhood and there is no chance that they will ever go out of the market. However, as adults the prints on the pajamas become somewhat of importance depending on your personality. The matching pajamas come in various materials, from silk to heavy cotton. In the dead of winter, the heavy cotton pajamas are appropriate as they add warmth helping you sleep feeling all cozy and comfortable despite the raging cold. Silk pajamas feel cool on the body and their light material make them perfect for those warm nights that may have you putting one leg outside the covers for comfort.

Taking the time to choose a pajama will have you enjoying every moment you slip them on. From animal print to plain colors, you could always have a print that you know helps uplift your mood. This gets you into a pleasant mood ensuring that you sleep peacefully and without any negative emotions.


Chemises trace their popularity in the middle ages. Once used as undergarments to protect the outer garments from oils and sweat, the chemise has come a long way since then. The chemise is a loose garment that covers you up to the hips. It is sometimes considered a dress as some are longer. Made from light materials, chemises make for great nightwear and seduction attire. The chemise comes in so many different designs, incorporating patterns and colors that are so diverse they are inexhaustible. The chemise feels so comfortable and also makes your frame look so supple and sexy that you get into bed feeling so good.

For a randy night, the chemise can also be coupled with a matching thong or crotchless knickers to give your partner a show unlike any other. This versatility makes the chemise a great garment to have in the closet as it will come in handy in more ways than one. The longer chemise is also great to wear on a night out when you feel like having your partner take a glimpse at what may be in store later in the night.


These may look like chemises but they are more like the sexier cousin. Babydolls are adorable outfits that give you the sensual allure unlike any other. They are super light and are made from a diverse range of materials. Satin, silk, lace and cotton are just the most common options. Babydolls come with matching knickers and this may even be crotchless panties. There are so many variations of the babydoll that choosing one is somewhat of a challenge. Spanning all body sizes, babydolls are inclusive of everyone and this enables anyone to tap into their sexier selves before slipping under the covers.

Just like the chemises, the babydolls serve as seduction tools that will be very effective and no sane human would be immune to the sexiness of this simple garment. The thin straps ensure that the shoulder and the neck are exposed, giving the neck that alluring curve that begs to be sucked and licked. There are babydolls with nipples exposed, midriff exposed or even crotchless knickers. Whatever design you think of, there is sure to be a babydoll that matches up to the specification. The simplicity of the babydoll allows it to encompass every mood from innocence to hella sexy and randy damsel. Since it works as nightwear as well as seduction garment, having a few options in your closet becomes a very wise decision.

Women nightwear has so many options but the three above are usually the most common options that combine simplicity and sophistication to have you feeling sexy and comfortable at the same time.