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Women’s Erotica - We Stagger Back From The Party At Midnight

Women's Erotica - We Stagger Back From The Party At Midnight

Women's Erotica - We Stagger Back From The Party At Midnight

By Elena Ognivtseva

We stagger back from the party at midnight. At least we ran out of money so we haven't drunk even more than we managed. Laughing and half falling up the entry stairs, we crash through her front door to find her flatmates smoking joints on the sofa. They gaze up at us lazily and we go to the fridge to get wine.

Crashing down on a sofa opposite the fellas and filling our glasses, we are handed a joint. Oh dear. This could go pear-shaped. Luckily my friend takes it upon herself to remove her enormous boobs form her bra and the evening takes a new turn. Not wanting her to feel lonely, I get mine out and we sit smoking as the guys watch us. We play with our nipples and fake-moan loudly. I lean across and bury my face in her cleavage, but she screams as I had forgotten that I have the joint in my hand and had pressed it into her thigh.

Kicking the joint off the sofa, she tugs at my clothes and then her own. We lie there naked, pleased with ourselves, drinking our wine and playing with our breasts. She tickles my pussy with her toe. The boys stare impassively. With the occasional smirk, but mainly impassively. She sticks her toe up my cunt. I push towards her.

She flips forward and starts to eat me. I lie back and groan. She licks me wetly and pushes her fingers inside me. I come in seconds. My fingers followed by my tongue in her pussy have the same effect on her. The boys are more interested now. They sense we are on a mission.

She goes to her bedroom saying she'll be back quickly and I lie on the sofa and stare at them. I start to play with my pussy as it seems the obvious thing to do. She re-enters with a dildo strapped on through her legs and walks over to me. I position myself on the side of the couch and she enters me with the strap-on. As I feel her push into me I open up and begin to scream. She thrusts forcefully back and forth and I writhe and moan. The vibration of the dildo fills me and I begin to come again. I feel her pull out of me and another cock enters me. I look up and see the glistening body of one of the flatmates above me as he fucks me. As I come I notice that the other guy is taking it up the arse from my friend with the strap-on. Looks like a good plan. I untangle myself and reach out to her top ask her for the device. She indicates her bedroom so I go to her walk-in closet and pick another toy, looping straps through my legs.

I re-enter the lounge and move towards my target. He is lubing from the supply my friend has left on the table. I enter him slowly, not wanting to hurt him. The sensation of the dildo rubbing against me as I fuck him is bringing me to my third orgasm. I hold his hips and press into him as he moans on his knees. He flips his hair forward and arches his back. It's like fucking myself. I come and feel like I ejaculate into him. He comes but doesn't ejaculate. I collapse forward onto him and pick up the joint.