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Men, just like women, deserve to enjoy the endless benefits that come with self-pleasure; masturbation. Since time immemorial, male pleasure has been viewed as one-dimensional, while female pleasure is viewed as an endeavor with many versatile options. Herein, we outline the various top-rated male sex toys the market has to offer, from metal cock rings and penis pumps to masturbation sleeves, to name but a few.

Sex toys are a perfect addition to your erotic sessions regardless of gender and sexual orientation. The sex toy market is filled with a ton of versatile sex toys that men and women can choose from to feed their kinky alter egos. Over time, the taboo on male sex toys is slowly but surely going down the drain as many people are now open to the idea of men turning to toys for self-pleasure. 

Top Rated Male Sex Toys

Masturbation Sleeves

For a while now, masturbation sleeves have been nicknamed a "male masturbation toy," Even though this notion is not far from the truth, it is wrong. A masturbation sleeve has a textured interior that mimics the feeling of the anus, vagina, or anus. The interior is enhanced with ridges and a cozy texture equated to the human skin. The sex toy market has a ton of masturbation sleeves, but the Fleshlight is the most common because it feels like an actual vagina. You can use this male sex toy during solo play and partnered sex. If you decide to have a mutual masturbation session or penetrative sex with your partner, you can use a masturbation sleeve to arouse your genitals for a mind-blowing session. 

Penis Plugs

A man's penis is the most common erogenous zone, and most often, it is always the focus of attention during sex and foreplay sessions. However, other areas also need stimulation. A good example is a scrotum, also known as balls, and the urethra, a tube through which sperms or urine flows out. Arousing the urethra can result in mind-blowing levels of orgasm, and a penis plug can help with the toe-curling sensations. Penis plugs are among the few sex toys in the sex tech market that focus on urethral stimulation. Arousing the urethra makes the penis more sensitive to touch. Even though penis plugs can be worn for unlimited time, it is advisable to remove them right before you ejaculate to experience the full orgasm level that this toy can provide you. 

Adjustable Cock Rings

A cock ring is worn around the penis and sometimes the scrotum to arouse both regions, maintain an erection, or delay orgasms. It is easy to deduce how this toy achieves all three functions with this definition. A cock ring is placed at the base of the penis to reduce blood flow to the penis. An adjustable cock ring performs the same function as a regular cock ring. The only difference is that it is more versatile. Most men find the regular cock rings a bit tight, leading to damage or permanent injury to the penis. Adjustable cock rings are a cult favorite, especially for people who have erectile dysfunction and other penile disorders.

Masturbation Eggs

Masturbation eggs mimic the look of an egg. However, unlike the normal graded eggs, masturbation eggs give you mind-blowing sensations. Most men prefer masturbation eggs because they are also readily available in most sex toy shops despite being budget-friendly. Masturbation eggs are ideal because they are discreet, making them the perfect travel buddy for your solo or partnered sessions. These toys come with lube that you pour inside the egg or on the penis to prevent friction. Also, these types of sex toys are super stretchy, allowing them to fit over any penis size. When using a masturbation egg, you can use whatever rhythm you prefer as long as you feel the sensations.

Prostate Massagers

Anal play has been a taboo topic for days on end. However, thanks to the growing number of anal sex toys on the market, most people are now getting accustomed to anal sex and the sensations this type of sex offers. Prostate massagers have long been used to check for prostate cancer, but in recent years, the prostate, also known as the male G-spot, has been pivotal in male pleasure. When the prostate is stimulated, it improves the size and strength of the penis, improving orgasmic sensations.

Penis Sleeves

Penis sleeves are designed for men who feel their penis sizes are below average and need to increase the size without going for surgery or using medication. These toys offer a temporary increase in length and girth of the penis so that both parties get the most out of the session, but mostly the man because they find pride in being well endowed. Penis sleeves, also known as cock sleeves, can be likened to strap-ons. The only difference is that the penis slides inside the cylindrical part of the toy instead of placing it where the penis should be. 

Ball Stretchers

Males use ball stretchers to lengthen their scrotum. Most ball stretchers are enhanced with controls that determine the grip of the stretcher, while others are designed with rings where weights are placed. Regardless of the ball stretcher you decide to pick, the weighted or the non-weighted will work and give the same results. For men trying ball stretchers for the first time, you should purchase the appropriate size and choice. Ball stretchers are preferred by many due to the aesthetic satisfaction one gets from stretched balls.

The Bottom Line

Over the years, pleasure and sex have been subject to constant change because human beings are always opening new doors to self-pleasure. Even though pleasure is not a topic that people talk about openly, most people are coming to terms with the fact that pleasure is a pivotal feature of life. Back in the day, most sex toy brands made sex toys for women because they felt like men had control of their pleasure. This fact made men immune to the thought that they could base their pleasure on sex toys. However, in recent years, most brands have flooded the sex toy market with male sex toys like those outlined above because male pleasure is just as important as female pleasure.