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What is a Tenga sex toy? How effective is the Tenga sex toy, and how best can an individual use it? Are you considering purchasing a sex toy but unsure where to begin? This article explains a beginner's guide on how they can access Tenga sex toys.

Tenga is an excited male sex toy company with its roots in Japan. Tenga sex toys are fun and affordable, and they have super-satisfying results. Tenga was founded in 2005 and has been a cult favorite ever since. This sex toy company specializes in male pleasure sex toys equipped with up-to-date technology for beginners and amateurs. Tenga sex toys can be equated to Fleshlights because they use the same technology; you apply a generous amount of lube and then slide your penis inside. These toys are great for people looking to shake things a little for solo or partnered play. 

Types Of Tenga Toys

This article has covered you if you have been pondering which Tenga toy to get. Below are a few types of Tenga sex toys that you may consider purchasing.

Tenga Cups

According to Rodríguez et al. (2019), the Tenga world started with Tenga cups, and even though their fame has experienced a dip over the years, they are still a cult favorite among men. Tenga cups are designed for one-time use or multiple uses. Therefore, you are advised to purchase a Tenga cup based on your preference. This range of Tenga sex toys is perfect for people looking to delve into the world of solo masturbation. These toys have sleek but firm plastic cases that keep the interior safe and a suction hole at the base, which allows you to control your pleasure. There are two types of Tenga cups, the Tenga Ona cup and the Tenga Air Tech Vacuum Cups. 

The Tenga Ona Cups

The Tenga Ona cups are a global hit but mostly in their home country because of their deep throat-like feature that leaves men gasping for breath after they experience mind-blowing levels of orgasms. Miles (2017) explained that the only downside of the Ona cups is that they can only be utilized once, making them perfect for people willing to stain their credit cards. Tenga Ona cups have a silicone interior and a valve for the free flow of air, thus making the whole ordeal feel like real-time oral sex. You can experiment with the different levels of pleasure by covering the valve and then releasing it. Also, some Ona cups have a textured interior and a lube supply at the base where the tip of your penis rests. The lube helps to keep everything smooth.

The Tenga Air Tech Vacuum Cups

The Tenga Air Tech Vacuum Cups came to light way after the Tenga Ona Cups, and even though they are popular, they are yet to beat the Tenga Ona Cups. The vacuum cups are enhanced with unmatched suction and surface to make their use explicitly unique. The Tenga Air Tech toys have internal airbags that create a vacuum-like space. The only downside with this range of the Tenga sex toys is that you cannot clean their interior, thus making them perfect for multiple uses. 

Tenga Eggs

The Tenga eggs are the sleekest and most discreet in the Tenga world. There are about nine variations of the Tenga egg, namely;

  • Thunder and Heart
  • Stepper
  • Wavy
  • Twister
  • silky

Tenga eggs are designed in miniature plastic cases shaped like chicken eggs. However, regardless of their small size, the Tenga eggs are stretchable and fit over any penis size. You have to flip open the egg, tear open the sachet containing lube, smooth it over your shaft, and let the egg fly to another dimension. Most sex tech experts say that the Tenga egg is the best toy for people who want a realistic oral sex session. Tenga eggs are reusable, unlike other sex toys. You can also clean them by running them in warm water to clear any content you might have poured into them. 

Tenga Flip hole Masturbator

The Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator has rightfully earned its seat in the sex tech industry. They are designed like no other toy in the sex toy industry, let alone the Tenga world. They have three modes of vibrations that direct you to the pleasurable world you desire. Rodriguez et al. (2017) stated that the Tenga flip hole is designed to look and feel like a vagina with state-of-the-art plastic packaging. This range of Tenga toys is ideal for men battling erectile dysfunction because you do not have to have an erection to be able to use the Tenga Flip hole. You flip open the masturbator, slide your shaft in, and then allow it to do what it does best. The Tenga Flip hole line of sex toys comes in different assortments, all of which have varying interiors to suit your needs.

Tenga 3D Masturbators

Tenga 3D Masturbators have an exquisite finish and are made from body-safe elastomer; polymers designed with viscosity and elasticity. This Tenga toy range takes stroking sensation to heights unknown to man. To milk the most out of your Tenga 3D Masturbator, pick between Zen or Spiral for the ultimate solo play session. The Zen Tenga masturbator has a flawless interior, while the Spiral Tenga has a ribbed feel. Whatever Tenga 3D sex toy you choose to purchase, make sure you use it with some lube for the ultimate experience.

Tenga Spinner

The Tenga Spinner has a unique design, unlike any other Tenga sex toy. The beauty of the spinner is that it spirals around your shaft as it strokes you. The Tenga Spinner comes with a well-built storage case with extra protection between uses. It is also reversible for easier cleaning. 

The Bottom Line

The sex toy market is filled with dozens of sex toys, promising the same results; intense satisfaction. However, purchasing sex toys can be an uphill task, especially if you have no idea about the type of sensation you are after. Also, some sex toys can be a little pricey, which wade off potential customers because even though most people are after pleasure, they are not looking to use up all their savings on a single-sex toy. Most sex toy brands design sex toys exclusively for women, which has led to men being timid about sex toys. However, with the Tenga line of sex toys, men are assured of a good time. If you are looking to try the Tenga sex toys, the ones listed above will help you achieve the desired pleasure. 


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