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Guide to Batteries for Sex Toys

Guide to Batteries for Sex Toys

Guide to Batteries for Sex Toys

By Ekaterina Mironova

Vibrating sex toys tend to have a source of power. Excluding the rechargeable toys, the rest have a battery compartment that holds the batteries that are needed. Before purchasing a toy, it is best to check the type of battery required to get the toy up and running. There are so many different types of batteries and some are harder to come by so always ensure that you get a toy which uses batteries that will not prove stressful to find when the time for replacement comes along.

Guide to Batteries for Sex Toys

There is nothing as frustrating as your favorite toy suddenly going off in the middle of play, leaving you high and dry. To get the most out of your toy and batteries, here are a few tips you should keep in mind;


Ensure that you always use fresh batteries when play time comes along. The batteries have more power and therefore your toy will be able to deliver very powerful vibrations that will have your body experiencing the greatest sensations that will have you having explosive orgasms. Refrain using the remote batteries as these are weaker and will have your session feeling a little subpar.

To keep your sex toy batteries in service for a long time, always remove them from the toy after use. When left in the toy, the batteries lose power even if they are not being used. This slow power drainage will have you replacing the batteries over and over again.

When putting in your batteries, always ensure that the metal points in the vibrators are connected to the ends of the batteries. If you have to twist the batteries, go right ahead. This will ensure that your batteries don’t disconnect during play and have you screaming in exasperation.

If your toy won’t start, make sure that you have inserted the batteries correctly. If you are not sure, try different combinations until you get to the right one. If the toy still won’t start up, reach out the customer service of the store that sold you the toy. They will be able to give you instructions and further advice on how to deal with the problem you are facing.

Battery Sizes

There are so many different battery sizes. They have different power capabilities and the toys have been matched up with the batteries that will sufficiently run the motor to give the powerful vibrations.

  • C Batteries: These batteries are created for the large toys that demand a lot of power to function. These large cylindrical batteries will ensure that the toy runs at the power levels to give you an experience of a lifetime.
  • AA Batteries: These are among the most common batteries. Usually found in many remotes, the AA batteries supply the toys with the power required to get the toy vibrating. These batteries are easy to find so replacement will never be a hassle.
  • AAA Batteries: Found in so many controls, the AAA batteries are slightly slimmer than the AA batteries but they deliver the power that the toy needs to run the motor.
  • N Batteries: Shorter than the AA batteries, these are created to power the tiny toys that pack powerful punches. The N batteries are typically found in bullets.
  • A23 Batteries: These are similar to N batteries but tend to be slightly smaller. These batteries are used to power the devices that do not need to supply constant power, like the remote control of the vibrator.
  • LR44 and LR54 Batteries: These are small watch style batteries that pack quite a punch. They are used in small toys that need to deliver powerful vibrations. These toys include vibrating cock rings and bullet vibrators.
  • LR41 Batteries: These batteries are so tiny it may be very easy to see them entirely. These watch style batteries are used to power tiny toys. The vibrations provided may not be very powerful but will be sufficient to get the game going.

Rechargeable Batteries

These batteries are slightly larger than the normal batteries. However, despite their size they produce weaker vibrations compared to the normal batteries and they are very likely to have the toy going off at the most inopportune moments. Their size also makes them highly likely to get stuck in the toy and thus cause you needless headaches.

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