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The Fun Of Remote Sex Toys Out And About

The Fun Of Remote Sex Toys Out And About

The Fun Of Remote Sex Toys Out And About

By Ksenia Sobchak

You have probably heard of vibrating sex toys, almost everyone has. They vibrate in all the right places and feel great, but there is one tiny problem: they are restricted to the bedroom. Sure, they are fun, but wouldn't it be more fun to bring them out with you, when nobody knows about them? By using remote control sex toys, you and your partner can have fun with each other when you are at store or even at work.

For Both Men and Women

There are remote sex toys for both genders that fit in or go on just about anything. Most remote sex toys are straps, rings or inserts, which gives you a range of different feelings and sensations you can experience when using these adult toys. There are also many shapes and sizes, such as eggs, thin inserts and even a vibrating thong.

Remote Control Distance

If you plan to use a remote control sex toy on yourself, then the remote control's distance doesn't really matter. If you give your partner control, then you will find there are toys with many different ranges. The most common range is about 10 to 30 feet, making these toys perfect for stores, malls or even in the house. Since the distance differs depending on the toy itself, make sure to check the toy's stats. You don't want to make plans, just to find out the controller distance isn't enough for you.

The Unexpected Pleasure

Using remote sex toys adds a whole new level of unexpected pleasure to your life. When you are in the bedroom, you normally know when your partner is going to do something, but when the toy is remote controlled, your partner can surprise you at any time.

Whether you are into S&M;, humiliation play or just want to have fun with each other, these toys are great. Say for example you are in the food store and you are about the pay for something. Just before giving the cashier the money, your partner turns on the vibrating egg or insert. It's going to be hard holding back your reaction, especially since you don't know when your partner is going to turn the toy on. That's half the fun right there, not knowing what to expect.

Anticipation Adds to Pleasure

Not only is the unexpected pleasure fun, but the anticipation of feeling that toy go off is going to build the sensation even higher. After while your body might start going off on its own, expecting the pleasure. It's nerve wracking and fun all at once. You have never felt anything like this, and once you try it, you'll be hooked.

Various Speeds

Most remote sex toys have different speeds that your partner can control. This allows him or her to switch up the sensation, making your body feel a range of different sensations that will be very hard to control.

Compact Designs

Keep this your own, personal naughty little secret with easy-to-hide, compact designs. These sex toys have designs that can be easily hidden in a pocket or purse, so no one will know what you two are doing. The part that goes on you will also be easily concealed, just adding to the enjoyment.


Whether your relationship is going stale or if you just want to experience something you never have before, remote sex toys are one of the best ways to add spice into your life. These fun toys are compact, give amazing sensations and the unexpected pleasure is so strong you might just start yelling and moaning in the middle of a store.

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