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Travelling with Sex Toys The Do’s and Dont’s You Should Remember

Travelling with Sex Toys The Do's and Dont's You Should Remember

Travelling with Sex Toys The Do's and Dont's You Should Remember

By Tatyana Dyachenko

It is getting to the holiday season so plenty of you will be looking forward to those spring and summer breaks in warmer climes. You may also be considering taking a few sex toys with you because if you cannot be adventurous abroad then when can you? The sun is shining, you are wearing your bikinis or trunks, dipping in and out of those clear blue seas and vast pools next to the cocktail bar…all that relaxing and unwinding puts you in the mood for some serious bedroom antics.

So what do you need to realise those fantasies in those exotic places around the world – here is our up-to-date guide on the dos and don’ts of traveling with sex toys – enjoy!

DO prevent your vibrator from turning on accidentally. Remove those batteries and carry them separately. Small and medium lithium batteries have to be carried in cabin baggage. You are allowed 2 spare pieces (batteries) allocated per passenger so if you haven’t got any in the toy (which we highly recommend) then you can carry four batteries in your hand luggage.

DON’T stress over someone going into your bag and holding up a large dildo for the world to see. That scenario is extremely unlikely (I know I haven’t ruled it out entirely!). Vibrators are a lawful possession and will be treated as such – so no additional screening and the vast majority of airport personnel have already seen it!

DO pack in your handcuffs, restraints and other sex toys for an adventurous weekend away in an exciting new city. Do not let small fears ruin the possibility of a great holiday doing what you love doing best!

DON’T forget your lubricants and other lotions. Of course there are airport rules that apply to carrying liquids and that applies to lubes. Containers must hold no more than 100ml and be in a single, transparent, resealable plastic bag. It is best to put liquids in hold baggage.

DO make sure you clean your toys after use, and that they’re packed away neatly in your bags while you leave your hotel to go exploring the city. When packing them into hand or suitcase luggage pop them into a plastic bag just in case they are inspected (given the once over) so they are easier to handle for the person doing the inspecting.

DON’T expect to be in the hotel manager’s good books if you forget to clean your toys and you have to deal with a hysterical room cleaner who didn’t realise what she was touching until it was too late. That is unlikely admittedly but imagine your embarrassment if your toys are neatly arranged on the end of a clean bed or forming part of the swan decoration on top of your duvet on your return to your room….awkward!

DO remember to use the “Do Not Disturb” sign in your hotel room to make sure that you’re not unexpectedly disturbed in the middle of your sexy city escape. I am sure this has already crossed your mind but interruptions during restraint sessions can be rather startling for the cleaner.

DON’T forget that hotel walls are thin and that your neighbours can probably hear everything that’s going on – including in the incessant buzzing of your favourite vibrators. Keep that in mind as well as the fact that you will never see these people ever again…so you may as well make the most of it but do try and avoid any complaints being made to reception…again just slightly embarrassing the next morning at breakfast!

So there you go – you are all set to explore some new sex positions, some new toy and restraints play perhaps in a beautiful location with the person you love most in the world. Or maybe the person you enjoy sex with the most in the world. If you follow these simple rules then you should stay on the happy side of customs and get your toys and lubes to your destination without any hiccups.

It could be tricky getting there are then needing to translate the words for sex lube so do cast one last eye over everything in your bags and make sure you have exactly what you need. Keys for the handcuffs for instance and batteries for the vibrators that you took out to avoid them buzzing away in the airport lounge.

Have a wonderful time and do share if you had an experience you will never forget – we are hoping for positive, happy and loved up experiences of course!

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