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What Are the Best Sex Toys to Take on a Couple’s Trip?

What Are the Best Sex Toys to Take on a Couple's Trip?

What Are the Best Sex Toys to Take on a Couple's Trip?

By Ekaterina Mironova

We all adore a romantic getaway where we worry about nothing but pleasing each other away from the stress of everyday life.

The hotel, location and level of luxury can all play a part in making it magical but there are ways to add even more romance. Romantic weekends are an ideal time for trying something new, for taking longer over lovemaking and for getting to know each other better. Even if you've been married ten years a weekend away from the children can remind you what you love about each other as you've nowhere to hide, no daily chores to distract and no constant worry of the children overhearing your love making or conversations.

Here are some extras to consider when planning your romantic weekend away:

Starter Kits

Experimenting with bondage doesn't have to be super serious it can be a lot of fun. See the starter kits on offer, they usually consist of fluffy handcuffs, a blindfold and some sort of feather tickler.

If you feel a little self-conscious, make it clear that it's a giggle and then if things start to become quite lustful, you can step it up a notch.

Sex Toy Kits

Continuing on the same fun theme a weekend away is ideal for introducing sex toys for you OR him. Although it's not often mentioned, men do feel a little insecure when a girl uses sex toys in bed. Some see it as competition, just as we would if they constantly relied on a sex toy to bring them to orgasm. One way to combat this is to try the new sex toy kits for couples. You'll find vibrators you can both use, a prostrate massager that he will adore (but may take some convincing before he lets you use it on him), cock rings and anal beads. Make it clear there's no pressure and see it as a product trial you'll be amazed just how well received these will be once the stress is removed.

Sensual Kits

When women picture a weekend away we think of big hot bubble baths, maybe a spa treatment or two and long oily massages. Men picture plenty of sex and all you can eat buffets. You can keep it romantic with a sensual weekend kit that includes scented rose petals, fragrant candles and a host of oils and toiletries that enhance sexual stimulation. Don't forget to add plenty of lube, flavoured is possible, as the wetter the sex, the more enjoyable the ride!


This decade couples games are big business and there's a reason why. The best ones are brilliant for gently introducing fun into a relationship and revealing innermost desires. Choose one to take with you, it will keep you entertained as you explore sexually, just don't forget the champagne. Personally, I recommend Monogamy, its brilliant for reigniting the spark or feeding the flames of passion.

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