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Are you a plus-size woman tired of the monotonous underwear designs in your wardrobe? A crotchless knicker might be what you need to bring sexiness back into your life. Read the article below as we outline the various plus-size crotchless undies available.

The topic of undergarments is met with hushed tones because most people feel that the type of underpants you choose to adorn is based on personal preference. Forget about rings and bracelets. According to Lafuente (Ed.). (2007), knickers are a part of an accessory, even though it is solely meant for your eyes. There is a lot to consider when choosing knickers, especially for plus-size women, because most often, they miss the chance to adorn quality pieces due to their size. However, thanks to the inclusiveness spirit in many brands, plus-size women can enjoy plus-size crotchless knickers based on their preference.

Plus Size Crotchless Knickers?

Crotchless knickers refer to underwears that lack the middle piece covering; crotch covering leaves a part of the genitals uncovered. According to Harrington (2018), many women enjoy the new generation of crotchless underwear because they are comfortable. The comfortability minimizes potential irritation because the knickers fabric does not contact the skin. If you are the daring type who does not mind going commando, then crotchless knickers should be your go-to underwear. Most often, plus-size women suffer from irritation due to intense friction between their thighs. For this reason, crotchless knickers would offer their naughty bits some relief from the non-stop friction. These fashionable pieces of undergarments are intimate and sexy. One who adorns crotchless knickers is said to be daring and bold because they leave nothing to the imagination. Plus size crotchless knickers are perfect because they allow curvaceous women to engage in a bit of seduction without thinking about their body sizes. 

Plus Size Lace Low-Rise Crotchless Knickers

Knickers that are high cut are more flattering to women with curvy bodies because they make the legs appear longer and sexier while also highlighting the bum. Oneill (2016) stated that most plus-size crotchless knickers are delicately designed with lace. This brings attention to the bum while also giving a sneak peek at what is underneath. These knickers also have a corset-style lace at the back, which is enough temptation for your lover.

Plus Size Crotchless Tie-Side Knickers

Any knicker with a tie-side feature is enough to make any man surrender to your willpower. The tie-side feature means that these knickers aren't just crotchless. They are also cut out at the front and have an open rear, thus drawing attention to your bum and naughty bits. You can opt to tie the ribbons at the back in a beautiful bow or ribbon, and for folks who are on the kink side of bondage play, they can use the ties to tie the wrists. 

Plus Size Bow Sheer Crotchless Knickers

Bow sheer crotchless knickers should be your go-to pair of undies if you are looking for an exquisite bedroom session. Bow knickers are flattering and undeniably sexy because they highlight your curves beautifully. The crotchless part of these undies extends to the back, a sure way to excite your lover during your foreplay sessions. These crotchless knickers hang low on the waist, which may be a downside for people who prefer high-cut knickers.

Plus Size Crotchless Suspender Thongs

Crotchless suspender thongs are perfect for people who are looking to try something different from the typical crotchless things. According to GORDON & Scotia (2002), suspender thongs are sexy, elite, and versatile. To accentuate the look, you can opt to adorn this thing with a pair of fishnet stockings. Crotchless suspender thongs come with a cute little bow at the front that most people find charming and seductive. Also, the shape at the back is perfect because it accentuates your bum by leaving plenty of skin on display. 

Plus Size Crotchless Thongs With Satin Bows

Are you plus size female looking for something that will leave you feeling sexy and feminine at the same time? Then look no further. Crotchless thongs with satin bows will have you exuding insane amounts of confidence in bed and sexiness at the same time. The satin bow feature at the back of these crotchless thongs is enough to entice any lover to a night of exquisite passion.

Plus Size Crotchless Pearl Shorts

If you are a plus-size woman looking for sexy knickers enhanced with pearls, then the crotchless pearl shorts should be at the top of your list. These crotchless knickers have a stretchable lace waistband that accentuates your hips and a string of high-quality pearls that settle comfortably over your naughty bits. These kinky knickers are comfy, and they feel cozy on the skin. You can opt to wear these knickers before your steamy sessions to spice things up.

Crotchless Lace Ruffle-Back Knickers

These crotchless knickers have an intense combination of lace, ruffles, and an open crotch. The ideal knickers for a plus-size female looking to feel sexy and elegant at the same time. These knickers are made from sheer material and designed to flatter your bump and naughty bits. The waistline of ruffle-back knickers is made from deep lace that settles comfortably on your hips to highlight your silhouette. 

The Bottom Line

Finding underwear that fits and feels comfortable against your naughty bits might be one of the hardest tasks because most of the knicker market is filled with knickers meant for the 'average woman.' Who is the average woman, you may ask? An average woman is about 5 feet 4 inches tall and has a waist size of 38.6, which is why most plus-size women lack clothes, especially undergarments and adorning attires that are not up to standards. The crotchless range of knickers like the ones listed in the article above is perfect for women looking for the thrill of wearing kinky undies. They are also the perfect pick for women looking to boost their confidence and self-esteem, the doorway to feminine energy.


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