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Are you thinking of fulfilling all your sexual fantasies and desires with your partner? You can now live out your secret fantasy with the growing collection of roleplay lingerie. 

Human beings are sexual creatures. Most people have the urge to try the sexual fantasies engraved in their minds. According to Lemke-Santangelo (2009), roleplay is based on enacting a long-held sexual fantasy. It gives you the chance to program your mind to be a different sexual persona in the bedroom. If you are the type to bring a kink bag to the bedroom, lingerie sets during foreplay might give you just what you are looking for. Lingerie costumes complement the various role play ideas you might want to enact, from a sexy call girl to a barmaid or bartender. The market is filled with many lingerie sets; this article gives you a guide to the various lingerie sets to choose from and what to consider before trying out roleplaying in the bedroom.

Think About Your Fantasies

What does your mind say to you when you are turned on? Does it want to be the sexy high school teacher who has a crush on the school janitor? Or the bartender who wants to get her boss in bed? Deeply think about any scenario that turns you on the most. In roleplay, there is no limit to what you can try. The only limit is your imagination. All your dirty thoughts should back your role play ideas.

Talk About Your Fantasies

You and your partner may have a different idea of what role play should entail, regardless of whether it may be to the other partner's liking. It is best to table everything you fantasize about, especially those you itch to bring to life. If your sexual fantasy involves leather whips or cuffs, be sure to put it out there so that your partner knows what exactly they are getting themselves into and, if they are, will be able to feed off the satisfaction that comes with it.

Make It Kinky or Not

Several role play fantasies are mostly about power, where one party has the upper hand over the other. The party with the upper hand has a lot of power in their disposition, a perfect way to explore a power exchange role in a more playful but dynamic way. But if your partner is not up for the power exchange shenanigans, you can settle for a more subtle fantasy because the result of the role play should be fun.

Start Slow

For some people, role play can feel childish and silly even if they are 100% into the idea of roleplaying. A little awkwardness may creep in, which is completely normal, even if it brings an uncomfortable feeling. The cure to this may be starting slow. Try sexting your partner about the fantasy you can't stop thinking about; it gives you the leeway to be imaginative without your partner hovering around you. Levine (2013) defined sexting as the process by which one shares sexually suggestive pictures and messages through mobile phones or media. It gets easier to enact it once you get comfortable with the foreplay idea.

You Do Not Have To Get Dressed Up

The most important thing in roleplaying is your imagination. Costumes should not be used as a weighing scale on whether a roleplay session will be steamy. Some people prefer costumes because they help get into character better, while others do not care in the world when it comes to costumes. It would be best to go for what works for you, but make sure you discuss your views with your partner. According to Slater et al. (2017), different body sizes and shapes for different role play costumes should be considered by an individual. If you are unsure what to go for, you can skip the whole costume part and go nude. 

Perfect Lingerie Sets For Foreplay Sessions

Sexy lingerie sets can be purchased online or from adult stores anywhere. If you do not like the hustle that comes with shopping for lingerie, you can piece together any two outfits from your wardrobe and dress up as the character you desire. 

The Schoolgirl French Maid Plaid Uniform

The schoolgirl lingerie uniform is designed for exotic foreplay sessions. It is made from a soft and stretchy comfortable fabric that is skin-friendly and rests calmly on the skin, providing a comfortable wearing experience. The top of this lingerie has a tie front feature that the user can adjust to fit any chest size, which is wonderful for plus-size women. The front tie also helps you make your breasts appear firm and large. This role play lingerie is versatile as it can also be worn at night as sleepwear. It is also a beautiful gift for anniversaries, honeymoons, and valentines' day. The kinky but charming design adds more confidence to the wearer while also drawing your lover's attention. For a better wearing experience, it is best to go through the size chart reference before purchasing.

Elven Bride Lingerie Set

The Elven bride is a 5 piece of women's lingerie that can be perfect for bride roleplay sessions. It is made from a smooth and lightweight fabric with a see-through design, perfect if you want your partner glued to your contours. This set comes with an adjustable strap that criss-cross at the back for maximum comfort, a stitched bowknot that your partner can use to pull you closer to him, and a floral lace top bodice with a mesh, the perfect window for your partner to peek through your breasts. It comes with a matching G-string and sexy leg garters that amplify this whole set. Not forgetting the comfortable veil placed comfortably to the hair to finish this look.

The Bottom Line

Roleplay accentuates playfulness in a relationship which in turn builds in on intimacy. As much as roleplaying can feel slightly off for beginners, it is not a bad idea to incorporate it into your sex life; sitting down with your partner may be a good way to avoid shy feelings. Setting boundaries is important before any roleplaying session, talking about what you are comfortable doing and not emotionally putting you and your partner on the same page. Roleplay should be simple, do not get migraines just thinking about it. Costumes are a great way to make the foreplay session lit; sexy lingerie can be a great addition with many brands to choose from. But remember, wearing a costume is not a must; choose whatever feels beautiful on you and get on with it.


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