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Get your Sex Toys and BDSM Gear from Fifi At Peaches and Screams UK Sex Shop. Fifi is a brand of sex toys manufactured by Whizworz company founded by two avid masturbators. The brand ventures into the production of a wide range of sex toys and bondage gear for both partners to enjoy their sexual fantasies. Get your favorite anal toy or handcuff restraint today to experience your ultimate bedroom joy.

Fifi Sex Toys Collection

The sex toy industry is slowly growing to overtake other industries, with different investors discovering various means to please sex toy users and make money. Many companies are coming into existence. Some focusing on giving the best sex toys, ranging from standard sex toys to anal toys, while other brands focus on giving the best bondage gear. However, companies such as Fifi try to cut across the entire network of adult toys by giving both sex toys and BDSM equipment like handcuff restraints. The question is, how do these companies manage to capture the attention of millions of users globally?

The answer is simple; humans are increasingly exploring their sexual fantasies, leading to the vast production of sex toys. While the whole idea about sex toys was a mere dream some decades ago, various brands have emerged the overcome the odd by giving different products to fulfill human curiosity. Therefore, Fifi brand manufactures the following adult toys;

Handcuffs and Bondage Restraints

Using hand and wrist cuffs is the best way to restrict your partner from moving during your bedroom orgies, and it is also the easiest form of bondage. If you are asking why using cuffs is slowly growing in popularity, ask yourself what your partner can do with their hands and legs limited. They cannot move their hands or the vital points of their bodies, giving you’re an easy time to use them for your pleasure. Fifi bondage cuffs such as Bad Kitty Black Neck and Arm Collar and Handcuff Restraints and Plush Black BDSM Bondage Handcuffs with Removable Textile Covers come with different features enabling you to use them easily and comfortably on your partners. These features include adjustable fastenings such as ratchet and jaw systems, press studs, and metal buckles.

Choosing the Best BDSM Handcuffs and Restraints

Bondage equipment comes in different sizes, materials, and accessories. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, finding the right bondage handcuffs and restraints to use on your partner requires a little knowledge about your sexual fantasies and safety. Therefore, here are a few things to remember when shopping for bondage handcuffs;

Check on Your BDSM Experience Level

Bondage handcuffs and restraints are designed for different levels of the BDSM experience. If you are a beginner, consider buying furry cuffs with adjustable straps. These types of handcuffs are comfortable on beginner's hands and are easy to escape from. Beginner handcuffs also include tie-down straps if you want to pin your partner on the bed or coach them for erotic play.

For intermediate players, the bondage is a bit more intense and involves hardcore handcuffs such as police cuffs or leather with lockable buckles. However, you should always keep the key at an easily accessible point to remove the cuffs in case your partner starts to experience pain. Lastly, advanced handcuffs, designed for pros, deliver total bondage, and can work with different positions such as suspended sex. If you are looking for the best advanced handcuffs, go for wrap-around cuffs with handles. Additionally, choose strong cuffs that can withstand the weight of your partner to prevent injuries.

The Size of The Cuffs Matters

Most handcuffs are designed for different wrist sizes, starting from small sizes to large wrists. When buying your bondage handcuffs, choose the right size for effective bondage. For instance, fitting handcuffs are more comfortable, restrict your partner from escaping, and give you total control. If you are not sure about your size, buy those with adjustable straps for convenient bondage.

Consider the Material

Different materials determine the game you want to play with your partner and how the cuffs will feel on their skin. Common materials used include leather, neoprene, silicone, nylon, stainless steel, and aluminum. The material you buy also determines the ease of cleaning and durability. For example, leather is durable and effective for various bondage positions. You can also use leather handcuffs for longer without experiencing skin irritation. However, cleaning leather handcuffs requires more attention.

While metallic handcuffs are easy to clean, they can easily tighten, cutting blood circulation in the restricted points. They are also only suitable for short-term bondage since they can easily cut through the skin and cause bruises or tissue damage.

Fifi Inflatable Anal Pumps

Inflatable anal pumps work like butt plugs, only that they are inserted in their original sizes then pumped up to your desired size. They provide the perfect feeling of length and girth to give a more pleasurable moment. Since anal play is also welcomed by many individuals and couples, sometimes sticking to the right size proves more enjoyable than working on assumptions. Therefore, inflatable anal pumps are the best butt plugs for those not sure about their right size. They include an Inflatable Silicone Anal Pump with Balloon for Anal Play from Fifi.

Choosing the Best Inflatable Anal Pump

Buying the best inflatable anal pumps for anal play depends on the following factors;

The Material of The Butt Plug Pumps

Inflatable butt plugs come in different materials that define how you are going to use them and your safety. Softer materials such as silicone and rubber are the commonly used materials. Silicone is more flexible and warmer to touch, giving pleasure to users. It is also non-porous, latex-free and odorless, and easy to clean. Rubber materials include PVC, TRP, and TPE. Rubber is also bendable. However, you should be careful of the toxic substances used to manufacture rubber Butt Plug Pumps.

Consider the Right Size and Shape

Most inflatable anal pumps come in similar shape. However, if you want something more unique with more pleasure, choose the one with a tapered tip for easy insertion. Similarly, most inflatable butt plugs come in small and medium sizes for beginners. This allows you to comfortably insert the toy in your anal passage and fill it with air up to your desired size. Remember to start slow with the smaller size as you adapt to medium and larger butt plugs.