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10 Vibrating Love Eggs – Easter Has Never Been This Exciting

10 Vibrating Love Eggs – Easter Has Never Been This Exciting

10 Vibrating Love Eggs – Easter Has Never Been This Exciting

The G-spot vibrator, the fifty shades love egg, the men's love egg, the basic love egg, and the drop. These are some of the most interesting love eggs, obviously from a variety of many that will change your sexual lifestyle. Whether you are a lover of sex toys or not, there is something for everyone.

Easter is a holiday just like Christmas or New Year’s Eve, which calls for celebration like any other holiday. Eggs represent new life and rebirth, and they became a part of the Easter holiday in ancient times. You are no longer at the age when you used to believe in the Easter Bunny and those Easter eggs. It doesn't mean you cannot enjoy Easter as your adult self. It'sIt's an appropriate and fun way to celebrate Easter but with special eggs instead – the love eggs. These eggs will suit your sexual needs with body-safe material, and what's more, there are eggs for men to dip in their pleasures. Here are ten such love eggs:

The G-spot vibrator 

Cutrer & Glahn (2020) explained that this toy's solemn purpose is to stimulate the G-spot. Perhaps your partner is away for the weekend or in a long-distant relationship; this is the toy for you. It will serve both when flying solo or when you want to include your partner in the fun. This toy is special because it uses an app instead of remote control. It means that your partner can control the toy to give you pleasure from anywhere in the world. It has a unique shape and super soft silicone that you might forget you are wearing.

Men’s Love Egg    

Men couldn't be left behind on the love eggs. Maybe they don't vibrate like other eggs, but they are the only egg toys you can find for men. Many men are not fans of sex toys, but this one is a total vibe; they are cheap. Frischherz (2015) explained that these masturbation sleeves come in various textures to give you those toe-curling orgasms. They come in packs of six or a single one, but remember that, unlike other sex toys, these love eggs are only for one to two uses.  

Basic Love Egg

If you are a beginner with sex toys or want to join the sex toy industry, this is just the toy for you. It doesn't get any more basic than this, as this toy is also cheap. It'sIt's made from ABS plastic which is body-safe and comprises a remote that operates on batteries and a fairly long cord. But it's not that bad, judging from people who have tried it.

Fifty Shades Love Egg

Barrenetxea Guerekiz (2017) explained that if you are looking for a versatile love egg that suits both solo and couple play, look no further. It is a USB rechargeable toy with a remote control that provides up to 3 speeds and 4 vibration patterns. Its vibrations are whisper quiet, and its smooth silicone texture makes it perfect even for beginners. This toy works well with water-based lubricant to offer you the necessary sensations. 

Mantric Rechargeable Egg    

You'llYou'll notice that several love eggs share a similar design, and this one is no different either. Everyone has their preferences, and a variety makes up for choices. This toy is similar to the fifty shades love egg but functions differently. It is made of soft silicone with some offering up to seven vibration patterns to choose from. It is USB rechargeable; even better is waterproof so that you can have some fun in the shower.   

The Drop       

This little toy resembles the shape of an actual egg. But don't let the size fool you; it offers different speeds which are rather powerful. There is no better definition of versatility in any love egg than this. This love egg will serve you right, and this toy can be used by an individual literally on any part of the body. You can use it for sexual stimulation, and you can also use it as a personal message on any part of the body. It is rechargeable, but it also lasts you a time of pleasure.

The Whale Love Egg

Designs don’t get any better. Whether a lover of whales, this toy will work magic to give you all the desired pleasures. Let not its cute design fool you. This toy has up to ten different frequencies and three intensities. This love egg is a vibe, and its super fun shape can disguise it as a normal toy.

The Sweetie Vibrating Egg 

Tafari-Ama (2017) explained that this is a bullet vibrating egg used for vaginal stimulation and muscle training. It is made from high-quality medical silicone that is body-safe, odorless, and skin-friendly. It is also quite comfortable and offers up to seven different modes to see your pleasure needs are attended to. It has a huge battery capacity that is also rechargeable. Even more interesting is that it is waterproof and offers whisper-quiet vibrations. 

Ringed Love Egg 

Everyone has their definition of pleasure, and some like it textured inside. It is if you are looking for a toy with textured rings. An egg vibrator with textured rings on its design comes in handy in trapping lube or adding on the pleasure. Its remote is also cute and offers a variety of intensities and speeds to select from.

The Clitoral Love Egg

It is a wireless bullet vibrator love egg with some having up to 12 vibration modes to offer thrilling internal pleasure. Its solemn purpose is stimulating the clitoris to give you those toe-curling, back-arching orgasms. It'sIt's a toy that can suit couples, especially during foreplay, to light things up. Even more interesting is that this toy is waterproof, meaning you can also bring it to the bathroom to play. 


These are just a few of the many love eggs you can find in the market. These are just the interesting and safe highlights to give you a bigger picture. There is something for everyone, ranging from size to their different vibration intensities and speeds. Do some research, and with the internet, you can shop from the comfort of your phone.


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