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Sex and astrology are two different topics you wouldn't think of putting together in the same context. Your zodiac sign has a role to play when it comes to sex. 

Zodiac signs are normally related to a person’s personality and character. However, they also dictate how we handle ourselves sexually when it comes to pleasure. Sex preferences and astrology might not seem to relate, but it all comes down to your zodiac sign. Zodiac signs have a part to play in our sexual preferences. Each zodiac sign has its preference for sex; thus, we should celebrate our differences together. As long as things are consensual, we can enjoy intimate and lusty vibes. However, that pleasure comes with switching things up to light up the bedroom. Astrology can act as a guide to steer through the sexual world. Read this article to know more about the best style or what they like about sex.


With a bold and ambitious attitude, Aries is all about coming first. Passionate and overflowed with desire, people born under Aries like dominance, according to Polansky (2017). Their desires will be dictated by their ambition to be the best, even in bed. However, this doesn’t mean that they can't be dominated. Their ambition, however, is a nice thing since their pleasure and desire will drive them to please their partner as a sign of intimacy. Aries are demanding when it comes to toys since they love quality products. Therefore anything extravagant and expensive will do.


People born under Taurus are the opposite of Aries. They are submissive. The Mona 2 is the best fit for toys. You can reach your peak in minutes. 


Characterized by their curiosity and quick-witted mind, Gemini is the most adventurous, according to Hacker & Grimwood (1977). They will try out new things in bed to satisfy their curious nature. Experimentation to them is a way of lighting up and making sex fun. Gemini will go with slow sensations for endless waves of pleasure. In the case of toys, it is the Soraya 2. With two sides, this is just the toy for all your teases and pleasures as a Gemini.


Superintended by emotions, people born under Cancer are known to be loyal. They seek emotional intimacy; thus, they will go with romantic rendezvous over one-night stands. Until they get comfortable with someone, Cancers will be shy and afraid the whole time. Once they are comfortable with you, you will encounter the other erotic and sexy side of them, and they will simply give themselves up. The Ora 2 sex toy will start things off by testing your sensitivity. After getting used to it, you won’t get disappointed as it will give you simultaneous orgasms.


Leo’s make a good impression. This comes above every other thing putting them at the center stage of life. With their ego to blame, they thrive on attention and praise and will consider sex as the showground to showcase their inherent abilities. Leos are open to new things as long as they are equally involved. The toy that will match them up is the Billy 2. With a reserved look, this toy will give you great vibrations so deep that you will crave for nothing else.


If it’s wholeness and perfection, then it’s the Virgos. Known to be reserved and keen, they will first analyze their partner before making a move. They are very precise and confident when they go out of their comfort zone. The Lily 2 might have you deceived for a simple toy, but once it gets to understand your desires and sensations. 


According to Kenner (2012), Libras embody balance and harmony. When it comes to matters of intimacy, they are seductive and elusive. Their tastes are complex since they are rather picky. They are prone to love but get disappointed when you don't match up to their expectations. They are rarely seduced since they always have their guard up. Since Libras love chasing their pleasures, Sona 2 will do the trick. It will start aggressive, giving you intense pleasure and orgasms, but it will dull after some time. The whole idea here is to help you understand how to chase your pleasures on your own before plunging into orgasms.


Scorpios are mysterious and pose intimidating challenges in all aspects, including love. However, don't judge a book by its cover. Libras will pose challenges, but once they let you in, you will experience the intimacy and sexual energy that lies beneath all that. Similarly, the Loki Wave appears challenging, but once you rid yourself of the fear of anal stimulation, you are in for the ride of your life. You will experience new unimaginable pleasures that you had no idea of their existence.


Sags are versatile but also truth seekers. Their versatility also accounts for being adventurous and quite open-minded.  Their truth-seeking character means that they're not into games, but that's a different thing about sex. Their open-mindedness means they will experiment with pretty much anything about sex. The toy that will complete their character is the Ina Wave. This toy provides you with toe-curling orgasms with unimaginable sensations.


People born under Capricorn are cautious, ambitious, and determined initiators. They will want to know their partners more before moving in on them intimately. Seeking emotional connection is their utmost objective, and only after getting this will they let their guard down. In the case of toys, the Gigi 2 is definitely for Capricorns. It will take the toy some time to identify your G-spot, but it will make your nights long and worthwhile immediately afterward.


Humanitarian focus, visionaries, and progressiveness are some of the characteristics of people born under Aquarius. However, they are also unpredictable in their affections. They are free-spirited but need to be mentally stimulated before you can think of seducing them. They dive into experimentations with their partner and allow their wild side to drive them. However, it is hard for them to commit, but that doesn’t deter them from driving you crazy in bed. Hugo is a toy that will aid you in your endeavors, whether with your partner or not, with different positions and pleasure patterns to experiment on.


Pisces happens to vibe very well with the surroundings. They are better off with a deep emotional connection with their partner. They're rather seductive and adventurous, but this is only if they feel secure around you. Tiani 2 is the toy to add intimacy to your average sex and turn it into a more interesting and fun encounter. It reaches your pleasures on a more intimate level, therefore, increasing your connection as partners.


Rather interesting topic, sex and astrology will not be something you seem to relate to. The characteristics of the people born under different zodiac signs make up their preferences regarding sex. Different toys will suit different types of people; we are all different and picky with what we want. You know what to go for when it comes to sex toys concerning your astrology sign. 


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ANA ISABEL, BA (HONS) DIP HYP HTI, Analytical Hypnotherapist & Astrologer, Grace Belgravia

PADMA SHANKAR CORAM, Lifestyle and Wellness, Grace Belgravia