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FAQ of Penis Extenders

FAQ of Penis Extenders

FAQ of Penis Extenders

By Tatyana Dyachenko

What exactly is the penis “traction” device?

penis-extension-workThese devices apply a continuous strengthening force in addition to continuous pressure causing traction to the penis as a way to help permanently lengthen and enlarge the penis. The most effective and popular model available was created by an Urologist and then created by a Denmark medical company. This method applies the traction with the means of an adjustable and calibrated set of bars the fit the anatomical shape of the penis along with a slip that is surgical grade which goes over the head of the penis. While it lengthens the traction and distance on the penis can be adjusted. You may wear this device under your clothes or as you sleep.

How does this device actually work?

This device is designed to fit on either end of the penis while creating a gentle expansion when you use the calibrator that safely begins to apply a continual pressure with the expandable bars. This in turn opens up the spaces in the penile cells and the adjacent ones begin to fill in the area and start to divide. This can lead to millions of new cells being formed and add significant size to the area.

Is traction really a medically approved technique?

Yes it is! Traction has been very well documented and is used widely to help the healing process after burns, injury, surgery and other trauma. To put it simply, traction is a way of stressing tissues with a gradual stretch that allows the body to rebuild naturally. One example is a mastectomy patient that requires an expansion of skin or muscle in the chest prior to reconstructive surgery. Patients for penis enlargement use this traction to help straighten and strengthen the penis as it health. Burn patients who have the ability to create skin grafts find this help to stretch and enlarge the available tissue for transplant.

Is there a way to be certain this is safe? I’m not too fond of the idea of sticking a contraption on my penis. Still, the results from studies do interest me, what can you tell me before I make a decision?

The best thing you can do is some homework on your end. Sadly, you will find there are fakes, rip offs and even some knockoffs that will give a bad name to the penis enlargement market. This also harms the companies out there that do legitimate business and develop a safe and effective form of penis enlargement. Take some time to review the companies that have been around for some time and what their device is, where it has been manufactured and if there are any medical studies that back it. In addition, make sure you can find a guarantee as well. Then view the photo testimonials, and talk with or read from other uses that have tried the product you are using.

When you select a device, use it only as directed. You can cause distress or even serious injury by not using it right. The theory no pain, no gin isn’t a good motto with this device. There should be only a mild discomfort at most. Everything should fit comfortably and with no sharp edges or tight grips with no vacuum pressure. While traction does work, it requires you properly follow the instructions carefully.

Common sense is essential as well. Decide first what your reasons are for a bigger penis and if you are dedicated to make a committed and conscientious effort to help your penis reach that length. Listen to your body if you decide to push forward to avoid injury and talk with your doctor about all questions and concerns you have.

How long and how often should I use this device?

Your actual results will be proportionate to the amount of time and traction force along with total time of treatment you do. Clinical trials have shown that when the device is used 8 – 10 hours daily for 3 – 6 months significant penis growth was shown. Since every man is different, you will find that your results can vary from more or less use. Base the use on your schedule when possible. You can use this at work if you don’t have a physical job, or while you sleep and relax during the evening. While you are looking at times that works best for you try some different times. Just make sure you keep it within the guidelines of the designer as much as possible.

There have been claims that these devices can create a monster penis. Is there any truth to that?

The method of traction has been used by indigenous tribes and modern medicine and can lengthen a penis up to 22 inches. With home use you are looking to gain an impressive length over a 22 inch freakish gain and girth. While it is possible to get those results, keep in mind that it would be unsafe, and you should follow the guidelines and common sense.

Why is the device so expensive?

When it comes to the SizeGenetics or ProExtenderTM you are getting a genuine medical device. Because of this, there has been research and development that are expensive. Additionally these have been crafted to surgical standards to make sure you are safe while the product remains effective. These types of devices have a quality control to them and calibration tolerance that cause it to be expensive, but worth every cent. Considering the use of the device, cutting corners isn’t the best option is it?

Do all penis enlargement device companies guarantee their products?

The answer to this is, no. In truth you will find that many of the fly by night companies aren’t in business long enough to give a refund their unhappy customers. So even though some will offer you a guarantee by the time you realize you’ve been scammed the company is gone. This helps to cause a negative image of all companies of this type. Be certain you not only get a company that has been around for some time, but one that offers you a money back promise. Companies with happy customers who use their product and order more are a good example.

Is this treatment right for me?

Anyone looking to lengthen and strengthen their penis would be the right candidate. Men who have a problem with a curve to their penis called Peyronie’s Disease will find this device works for them too. In fact this product was designed specifically for this disease, the lengthening just happens to be an added bonus.

Recommended Penis Extenders

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FAQ of Penis Extenders

Lengthen your penis by two to four inches and and gain and one to three inches in girth when used regularly.

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