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It is no surprise that most men are swimming in a sea of depression due to how pop culture and the media praise men whose penis sizes are slightly longer than average. This phenomenon has made men scorch the earth to try and increase the sizes of their penis. If you are looking to increase the length of your penis, below are some penis extenders you can try. 

Most men are not satisfied by the size of their penis, and the chances are that they have scorched the earth trying to find a remedy. One such remedy they may have come across may be penis extenders, also known as penis sleeves, whose main function is to give you the satisfaction of penetrative sex. 

Types Of Penis Extenders

Penis extenders are for people who prefer non-surgical extending their penile size. If so, there are a ton of penis extenders in the market in different shapes, lengths, textures, and features. 

Open-Ended Penis Extenders

Most men find that they do not have a problem with their penis length, but they would not mind adding some extra girth to it. If this is the case, open-ended penis extenders should be your to-go-to extenders. These sleeves have an allowance at the top and add thickness to the overall circumference. These penis extenders are available in various colors, from brown to peach to transparent colors like a permanent rose. Also, not all open-penis extenders are waterproof. Therefore, it is safe that you read the paper guide beforehand before tagging it along to your shower sessions. Based on your preference, open-penis extenders are available in 4 to 8 inches of different thicknesses. 

Rubber Penis Extenders

As the name suggests, rubber penis extenders are made from rubber. These penis extenders are a cult favorite because the material is flexible, and the length ranges from 6 to 11 inches. Rubber penis extenders are made from soft rubber, while others are made from hard rubber. It is because rubber can easily be manipulated and folded to fit any shape and texture. The different sensations of rubber penis extenders boost sensations, especially if used during penetrative sex. Some penis extenders cover the balls for added sensations, while others only cover the penis. Either way, the sensations will be magnificent. It is important to note that rubber penis extenders are porous, and they react easily to chemicals which make storing and cleaning an uphill task. It is advisable to purchase a rubber cock sleeve that does not contain phthalates to reduce cases of skin irritation.

Silicone Penis Extenders

Naturally, sex toys made from silicone are easy to clean and maintain. Compared to other sex toy materials like rubber, sex toys made from silicone material are life-like in terms of feeling and color. Silicone penis extenders rarely cause skin infections because their hygiene is top tier. This type of penis extenders come in varying lengths and girths, with most having a natural size of 6-9 inches in length and 4-6 inches in diameter. Even though silicone extenders lack the life-like experience of rubber extenders, they are perfect at what they do; increasing the length of the penis. Make sure that you pair this extender with a water-based lubricant because oil and silicone-based lube can tamper with the toy's quality.

Penis Heads

Penis heads are no different from the open-ended extenders because both focus on one area of the penis instead of it as a whole. Penis heads focus on the head of the penis to increase its length. For this reason, penis heads can have a length of 7 to 11 inches. Also, some penis heads come with a vibrating feature that adds spice to the wearer and the receiver. Penis heads are latex, silicone, plastic, rubber, and TPE in various colors.

Vibrating Penis Extenders

Vibrating penis extenders are a cult favorite because they are perfect for solo and couple play. The vibrating feature of a vibrating penis extender makes it useful as a masturbator and a penis extender. You can also use the vibrating end to stimulate the vagina or the anus of your partner regardless of gender. This type of penis extender has different vibrating modes depending on the brand. Therefore, if you are a beginner, it is advisable to start with the lowest mode and work your way to the amateur level. A vibrating penis extender is a good option because you can control it with a remote, WI-FI, Bluetooth, or a wire. In case you think about using your vibrating penis extender in the bathroom, check the user manual to see if it is waterproof or not. If it is waterproof, then make sure you pair it with lube. 

How To Choose A Penis Extender

Kink Priority

Penis extenders have different features, and it is impossible to enjoy all these features at once. Therefore, it is advisable to base your purchase on the type of sensation you hope to get from your extender. These sensations may include vibration levels, material, thickness, color, etc. 

Experience Level

You must base your purchase on your experience level. A beginner cannot benefit that much from an amateur toy and vice versa. If you are a beginner, you should steer clear of penis extenders with P-spot and clitoral stimulators because they have a wide girth that you may find hard to handle. 


If you have any allergy to silicone and whatnot, you should stay away from penis extenders curated with these materials. If you have an allergic reaction to your penis extender, the best thing to do is ditch it and seek medical attention.

The Bottom Line

Most men struggle with the thought that maybe their penis size is below average, which has created an influx of penis extenders in the sex toy market, with many promising an increase in length and girth. However, not all penis extenders work the same. Different brands have different features like texture and vibration modes. Therefore, you should choose your penis extender based on your user experience, failure to which you may develop penis malfunctions. If your penis is on the smaller side, the penis extenders outlined above may be of great help.

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