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Are you tired of your inadequacy in bed, or does your wife complain about how weak your strokes are? Then penis pumps might be what you need to bring back the bliss in your bedroom. Herein, we give you a detailed guide on penis pumps while answering the frequently asked questions like the safety of penis pumps and their benefits, etc. 

Penis pumps are among the most wonderful inventions ever because they are designed to serve men and provide a lasting solution to any penile deficiency they might face. Most people feel that penis pumps are more complicated than other penis enhancement options like creams and ingestibles. However, penis pumps are a game-changer if you want to become a boss in the bedroom. Men use penis pumps for different reasons; others use them to increase their penile size, maintain an erection, or treat erectile dysfunction. 

Defining Penis Pumps

A penis pump is a device that helps you to get an erection and maintain it for penetrative sex, men who battle erectile dysfunction issues can largely benefit from this type of toy. So how do they work? The plastic tube-like part is meant to fit over the penis, which has a pump attached to it and a ring at its base that helps maintain the erection once your penis is erect. They essentially pump the penis, thus resulting in increased sensitivity and synthetic penis enlargement. Initially, penis pumps were curated for people battling erectile dysfunction and as a healthier substitute for Viagra. 

A Guide To Penis Pumps

A penis pump consists of three basic parts; an airtight cavity, a pump, and the penis band, also known as the constriction ring. Even though these parts have different functions within the penis pump, they work concurrently to help maintain the erection of your penis.

The Constriction Ring

This part is found at the base of the penis pump, where the penis slides in. The constriction ring has two functions; to grip the penis's base to keep the cavity airtight and to maintain the length of the penis after you are done pumping.

The Pump

 The pump pulls air out of the cavity as the penis enlarges. It is connected to the cavity by a tube through which air passes towards the pump. You can operate pumps either manually or electronically. 

The AAirtightCavity

The airtight cavity is where your shaft slides in during the enlargement process. The cylindrical part is made from glass, stringent plastic, or fiberglass. Regardless of the material, the cavity should be strong enough to withstand the high amounts of pressure due to pumping and large enough to house any penis size.

How To Use A Penis Pump

How you use a penis pump is dependent on its design. Electronically powered ones require less manual work, while manually powered ones require more manual input. So, what are the basic steps to using a penis pump?

Inserting You Erect Penis In The Cavity

Before inserting your penis inside the cavity, make sure it is fully erect. Also, ensure that it sits comfortably within the cavity from base to tip.

Securing The Penis Band

The penis band ensures a smooth flow of air inside the cavity. Therefore, it should have a secure fit at the base of the penis to prevent the air from seeping as you start the pumping process. Having your pubic hair trimmed to perfection can also help with the snuggly fit.

Pumping Out The Air

Pumping out the air can be done manually or electronically, depending on the type of your penis pump. This process sucks out air from the cavity, making the user feel a slight pressure.

Monitoring Pressure

The pressure level in the cavity is put in check by a gauge. Your pressure levels should depend on your prescription or what you feel works. You can add or reduce pressure depending on your preference.

Post pumping Maintenance

You are advised to allow your penis to relax by offering gentle massages to encourage blood flow.

Penis Pumping Techniques


Shaking involves moving the airtight tube to stimulate the penis to remain erect during the pumping process. This pumping technique might last longer than needed when the penis loses its erection.


This technique involves the user adding a heat source around the airtight cavity. Heat will dilate the blood vessels in the penis, thus allowing its erection to last longer. You can use heat pads, heating blankets, or warm packs. You must be careful with the heat unless you want to end up with a blistered penis.

Pulse Pumping

This pumping technique alters pressure levels in the pump in intervals. This technique is favorable because it stimulates the internal connective tissue in the penis to enhance growth. To get the most out of this method, you are advised to alter the pressure per minute.


Milking gently moves the cylinder up and down your shaft to stimulate the growth process. This pumping technique is similar to masturbation. The only difference is that milking boosts blood circulation, keeping the penis erect.

Tips For Using A Penis Pump

Use Your Penis Pump With A Penis Sleeve Or A Comfort Pad

Penis pumps have a hard interior because they are made from firm materials. Therefore, you should cushion the part of the pump that comes into contact with your skin. Failure to add a cushioning material like a penis sleeve may make the session uncomfortable and less enjoyable. A cushioning material also prevents the pump from bruising your shaft.

Avoid Over Pumping

2Over pumping your shaft will cause tension on your penis, thus restricting blood flow around the base. Some penis pumps cannot handle extra pumps, which may cause them to break, which leads to injuries and, in a worst-case scenario, death.

The Bottom Line

A penis pump is a cylindrical tool placed over the penis to aid in maintaining an erection. Penis pumps are affordable for dealing with erection issues because they do not require a prescription, unlike medications. However, nothing good comes easy. Recent research studies have shown that long-term use of penis pumps can cause tissue damage, pain that most often births discoloration, and sometimes swelling. The good news is that you can avoid all of these if you use your pump the right way, as outlined in the article above. Once you do, you will outdo the risks.