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Secret Seduction Techniques

Secret Seduction Techniques

Secret Seduction Techniques

By Tatyana Dyachenko

There are ways of seducing your partner or potential partner which involve very little (and sometimes zero!) effort on your part. I call these ways ‘secret seduction techniques’. Of course it’s great to play the tease and be overtly sexual towards your partner, and this way of doing things is bound to bring about the result you’re after! However, sometimes it’s fun to play it cool and to seduce your man in a way that makes him want you even more…

Leave him alone:

Don’t be too pushy. Playing hard to get can be a real turn on to men as they see getting you into bed as a challenge, and we all know that men love a challenge. Keep it cool by not replying to all of his texts straight away and don’t always pick the phone up when he calls. Having your own life outside of the relationship shows your man that you are a whole person in your own right, and that you do not need him to survive. This is extremely sexy to a man!

Cook for him:

I know it sounds kind of old fashioned but men fall in love via their stomach. A woman who is at least passable in the kitchen can turn her man into a drooling love sick puppy before you can say ‘steak and chips’. I’ve always found that a good meal and a glass of wine seduces my fiancé without me having to do anything else. Try it if you don’t believe me!

Oh, and make sure he returns the favour.

Keep him on his toes:

Keep your man guessing by surprising him regularly with nights out and day trips. Even the most loving relationship will grow tired and boring if you don’t get out and enjoy life. The simple task of going to the zoo, enjoying a meal together or watching a movie at your local cinema will be enough to keep your man’s interest. You really don’t need to do anything other than be good company in order to seduce your man and keep his eyes fixed on you.

Seduce him with scent:

Smell is one of our most profound senses and it is capable of bringing forward all kinds of feelings and memories. If you like to switch and change your perfume regularly you may not like this technique as it involves finding and sticking to one scent. Pick a scent which you think suits you perfectly and ensure that you wear it during sex for a few months. Once you have built up a bank of sexy memories around this scent it will bring to the fore all kinds of emotions each time your man smells it. If you’re going away on a trip and you want your man to miss you and want you while you’re away simply spritz the scent onto his pillow and prepare yourself for some sexy night time phone calls!